Monday, August 18, 2008

Back on Track :))

Once again the weekend is over. The new Cycler successfully got off the ground. So it's back to 'regular work' for me here :))


I heard from the Admin of 10DollarsWonder who informed me that he will "try" to get 10CentClub ready to launch this week.
I know I know ... it's been a really long time, but when it comes back to life, I think we'll quickly forget about the wait.
ps, remember 10CentClub is the old e2ePay with a new name.

As for 10DollarsWonder cycling has been a bit slow on my end. Just received this note showing someone who has not lost faith!

Congratulations, you have earned a commission at 10DollarsWonder!

Your direct referral jxxxgxx has spent $ 250.00"

So there you go!
Thanks JG. Much appreciated!

* Let me rephrase that and say ... Thanks everybody for hanging in there through another slow summer. You're ALL appreciated!!!


Deep Cycler had a great launch on Saturday! I've cycled everything I bought at launch time. Plus I've already cycled a set of automatic re-purchases. So yes, I'm in profit.

Since the launch, the Admin has raised the number of spots that you can buy at one time to "10", and he's started a Referral Contest with the Prize Money set at $50.00. All the details are on the Site or you can check the CIF Forum if you wish to 'chat' about it more and see how others are doing.

UPDATE: Austin's decided to add a 2nd & 3rd place Winner for the contest. 2nd place will receive $20 and 3rd place will receive $10. So there ya go. Good Luck to everyone who is promoting :))


I'm going to mow my lawn as soon as the morning dew dries up. Fun stuff huh? lol


Just received an email from The Private Millionaire. The company who creates your TPM web site for you will now accept Alert Pay as well as Safe Pay. That's good to know too.


I'm doing 7 asterisk's here in between 'subjects' today because someone mentioned to me that I don't separate them. So, can you see them now?


Back from mowing the backyard lawn :(
OMG!!! Why does it seem the older I get, the bigger the yard gets???


Got a check in the mail today from ClickBank. My first ever and it was in the healthy sum of $206.02 Whoo Hoooo!!!

And didn't Michael Badger say when his new product is ready, that he's going to mainly use ClickBank for purchases and payments? I think so. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...get out there and mow that grass, Girl!

Ya know, I'm not afraid of hard work like that! In fact, I can sit and watch it all day long...but really, I know how the grass grows after a good rain. luckily I have some really good yard guys.

Take care and we'll see ya later...

blondie said...

Morning Jim,

The grass is still too wet. I'm keeping an eye on it though.

Just need to get my hair braided up so the mower doesn't grab it, lol

Thanks for the visit,
C'ya later,
blondie :))

Gene said...

Hi Blondie. Supposed to be raining here but sun is shining. It has been awhile since we got some rain also and this is on the wet coast.

How do we know what to use for 10centclub url as we had to use a different id for it when it went from e2epay to a second position in 10DW/



blondie said...

Hi Gene,

I took a wild guess on my url for 10centclub. I'm not sure the 2nd accounts we created in 10dw will come into play or not. No big deal. I'll fix it later if I need to.

So no rain over on the Wet coast eh? I'm glad mine stopped. Am on my way out now to mow :(

Thanks for the visit,
blondie :))

mattias said...

Most e-businesses slow down during summer and usually starts to roll again from Augusth and forward.

Your commission there Blondie reminds me when a referral and friend bought positions for 500 dollars!

That really surprised me!

I´m looking forward to more of that, but of course also looking forward to members who earn more for themselves.

If you give OTHERS what they want, YOU will always get what you want!

naphtali said...

congrats on the Clickbank windfall. Do you know if it is from Michael Badger? I am paying close attention to see what his next move is.

blondie said...

Thanks Mattias,
Well, as the Rolling Stones said:
"You can't always get what you want!"
But we're working on it :)

No, that check did not come from Michael Badger's program. That was from a long time accumulation of clickbank funds. They have some funny rules in place and couldn't send me the check until those rules were satisfied. You'll see when you get there.
Yes I am keeping an eye on Michael myself. Hope his product will sell as good as he thinks it will.

Take care,
blondie :))

Gord said...

Also noticed 10DW has slowed a bit.
Hope it picks up soon for my new referrals sake, after I encouraged them to join. Currently I am just repurchasing to get my position numbers up.


blondie said...

Hi Gord,
Yeah between the summer slow down and folks being discouraged over the 10centclub delay, things have not been up-to-par there.
As soon as 10CC opens, I'll bet we see move action over at 10DW also.
I'm not worried about it.
I think we'll all be OK.
Take care and thanks for visiting,
blondie :))