Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Countdown is On ... And I've Cycled!

Good Morning,

Don't forget the Deep Cycler Official Launch is Today. In about an hour from now. Launching at 10:00 AM EST.

If you're going to play, make sure you get registered ahead of time. Don't wait till the last minute. I will be playing myself so I won't be here for a while.

So have a fun day! Don't spend what you can't afford to lose and I'll see you other there. :))

"The Lines" are $1, $2 and $4

Click Here For Fast Cash!!

Members are only allowed to purchase 7 spots per transaction. Any member found buying more than that will be refunded and have to repurchase the correct number of positions. Please follow this rule to make it fair for everyone. Happy cycling!!"

UPDATE: One Hour Later ...
Just so you guys know, he's doing the entries manually. So your purchase won't show up right away. Just keep an eye on "My Positions" and your "Stats".

ALSO, I just cycled on my first 7 purchases. Nice. Plus they are automatically re-entered to cycle again. So I'm just watching and having fun here :))

4 Hours Later: Well the MAD RUSH to get in and play seems to be over. Things are starting to settle down now. Admin said this was "built to last" so I'm off to do a few other things and will check back in later. Just wanted to let you all know that it was a successful launch and everything ran smoothly.

Just read js's blog about DC ... and I also have been repurchasing in the slower lines to help move them along. Every time I get a few bucks, it's going back in. So good luck to everyone and most importantly, have fun!


And it's still raining! 33 hours straight!
So I guess we can stop rain dancing now :))


This is cool. Check the total runnings days ...

Site Statistic
Open since: December 26, 2006 Total members now: 16951
Total running days: 600 Cycled positions history: Click here to view
Top promoters blog pages: Click here to visit
My total times cycled is xxxx
Query my cycle history

Can't believe it's been 600 days since we first launched 10DollarsWonder! I was there. I was the support person. And I know a lot of you were there with me also! Happy Anniversary to us All ... and many more :)



HermitJim said...

hey Blondie...good morning to ya. Glad to see ya all ready to go to the grand opening. Hope all goes well. This program is certainly drawing a lot of attention, so maybe that's a good sign that it will last a while.

See ya at the party!

blondie said...

It's going great so far Jim!
A little over an hour and I've just cycled my first 7 spots. And I was slow getting them in. You know me.

Thanks for dropping by so early and I'll see you at the Party!

blondie :))

Manu said...

Hi Blondie,

well i have to agree it's going great so far...i already cycled on all my positions. I also have made back the money i have put in, just trying to figure out wheter to withdraw or positions are getting reinvested automaticly.

Let's have a cycling day. ;o)

blondie said...

Hi Manu,

Welcome back!
How's your painting going?

Yes it's always a big decision what to do after you cycle. Just do whatever is best for you. And most important, have fun!

blondie :))

Myrna said...

Hi Blondie
I registered and I checked my STP account - and got a surprise - was something there !! he he . So I did deposit in one position - I know that is not going to make me rich - but I'll have fun !! -
if I didn't have such a silly time
getting my pw into STP I might do more.
Rain - boy - we might have rain here as has been 30 C for 2 days now - usually about 22 . Moved my computer etc. down on main floor so we could cool off.
Have a great Sat night !!

Myrna said...

Blondie - read your blog again - about the 600 days of 10dollars - Wow - has it been that long. And we met each other a bit before that - so hey - that is also something to celebrate. You are a great friend and a great advisor.

And I did find some more STP to put in the new cycler - and my pw worked - so glad of that. Nite.

mattias said...

Great anniversary for us in 10DollarsWonder!

I believe we are in a new phase now when will come and also a strong continuation for 10DollarsWonder as well.

And why wouldn´t cyclers be able to last for a long time?

That depends on the model, and don´t forget that 10Dollars has an area where you can view offers from others where your site is seen too.

blondie said...

Hi Myrna,
Yes it has been a long time. Thanks for the kind words. I believe we have made a few bucks along with a good friendship eh?
Glad you found some STP money to play with. Remember too that 10centclub will also take STP. (wink wink)

Hi Mattias,
I hope all the cyclers we're playing in last a long time. Heck, if 10dw can last 600 days, why can't they all? hehe