Monday, August 4, 2008

Morning - Tropical Storm Update

Startled by a noise this morning, I jumped out of bed waaaaaay to early. Now I'm up even though I don't wanna be yet. argh!


There is a Tropical Storm (not a hurricane quite yet) heading right towards the Houston, TX area by tomorrow. My friend and yours "Hermit Jim" lives in Houston. So please send your thoughts and prayers to all those that are currently in it's path, and let's hope this thing dies down before it reaches land.


Thanks Myrna for the article re: e-bullion.
And I agree with js also:

"I would get out of e-bullion if I were you. Right now. Do it."


Since I'm up, thought I'd do my withdrawal from 10DollarsWonder today. But he hasn't turned the w/d button back on yet. Again ... argh!
(*it's 2 hrs later .. I checked again .. it's up and running now)
And just for the record, I repurchased 6 new positions over the weekend.

Oh and still no word on 10CentClub, for those of you who were wondering. But stay tuned. I'll update as soon as I hear something new.


Did this "Cumulonimbus Cloud"
produce rain? Nope :(
(thanks Gene for the cool cloud site in comments.
I feel much smarter now :)


DRW is opening a New window when you click Login. So it's not letting me login. I'll send them a support ticket about it. I'll bet it's fixed fast.

*4 hrs later ... it's fixed. You can log in as normal :)


Looks like it's gonna be "one of those days". argh!



Myrna said...

Blonide - I agree - morning is always too early to get up !!!However it being a civic holiday here in Alberta and in most of Canada I woke up early early. Murphy's law !!
Was finally cool enough yesterday that I cleaned pout much of my small flowerbed. Many plants were growing there that kinda took over - and also the cat would sit and watch the plants for hours so I am thinking there was some mousie creatures in there. Would be a jungle for them. So now it is much better - and the move can move elsewhere !!
Have a good Blondie and all.

HermitJim said...

Blondie...glad it wasn't just me that was getting a strange window set up at DRW. I don't feel so bad now.

Too bad you don't take naps...almost makes getting up too early worthwhile, ya know?

Sorry that nice looking rain cloud won't give you some rain. But I will share with ya!


blondie said...

Jim, you know I try to be helpful with my blog. Hope they fix DRW soon.
I'm just not a nap person, but today, I could be.
It's a little cloudy now, so maybe??

Hi Myrna, my cats pounce on the grasshoppers in the plants. Guess they're fun to play with.

Thanks guys,
blondie :))

Gene said...

Hi Blondie. Watch out for those clouds. Which one is it? A few more over here to help figure it out!:
Clouds Clouds and More Clouds



blondie said...

Thanks Gene,
Already corrected my blog.
Boy do I look smart now, lol

mattias said...


I wish I could move a little of the massive rain we got here today, but that´s a looong way.I´m glad the way is shorter through the internet...

Strange weather those days, we should be aware of the climate changes...

blondie said...

Hi Mattias,
Yes the weather is a bit too strange, you know? :(
Thanks for the wishes of rain,
blondie :))

naphtali said...

Hey Blondie, if you decide to come home we'll share the rain here with you. we get rain on a regular basis. AND i agree with Hermit Jim; naps are great!

blondie said...

Hey Greg,
You're a funny guy (hehehe)
I think I'll suffer here 1200+ miles away from there. Thanks anyway :D

And is that what the "nap" in your name stands for? Sleeping?!?

js said...

Blondie, I too was disturbed by something strange around 4 am this morning.

I heard two soft knocks on my door and an elderly woman's softly ask: Hello?

I think it was my imagination because after staying still for a few minutes and intense listening I could sense no movement.

But could not sleep. So got up, had a piece of pizza and watched a show. Then went back to bed at 5 am and got back up again at 7:30 am.

Coffee and a piece of pizza went down well.