Saturday, August 9, 2008

Best Friends :)

Here is Lou dog and her best friend Zeezers (and my Son's chin, lol) both in bed.
They live together, they play together, they sleep together, Louis licks Zeezers face, chases her around the yard, and they really are good friends.
So js, if you're reading this, there are a lot of dogs and cats out there who are friends.
And I don't think it's odd.. especially when they have to share the same house, they learn to respect each other. Sometimes more than us humans do :)


Was just told of a new CYCLER starting up soon. It will launch on a Saturday, but the official date has not been determined yet. There will be a pre-launch time as well. I don't have any more details on it yet, but I DO know who's running it (which is a plus), so stay tuned for more. I'll keep you updated as best I can.


I have been promoted to "Executive" at e-TradeXchange, (thanks to my first 5 referrals there), which means I now earn 15% of ref. purchases rather than 10%. Very Cool :)
Between these three sister programs, e-TradeXchange, ETXAds and of course the first being DRW, I am earning a nice chunk of change daily on both the profit sharing and fast cash bonuses. Not to mention they offer 3 different ways to Advertise your favorite program(s). I'm happy with them all :)

Reminder: If you WERE in the old e-TradeXchange program in 2005, you can log into this new one with your old Username and Password, and any balance you had when it 'stopped' should still be there. Go check and see.


Still no news update at 10DollarsWonder about 10cc? ahhhh that's OK. We'll just keep checking until something magical appears or until I hear news, whichever comes first.


Hey I got my first Affiliate in the Gano Coffee business. Thanks G.M. The nice thing about that is I'll make money on anything he buys as well as anything he sells. Remember it's free to be an affiliate, so if you're a coffee drinker or know someone who is, you might want to check it out more.


OK, last thought for the day.
Someone hurt my feelings here yesterday. I was going to mention it, but changed my mind. What they said made me feel like I was not very important here. And that's OK. Maybe I'm not. And I forgive them, because I should.


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...looks like you are doing all the good, Girl! Executive again!! Does that come with a corner office?
Congrats on your affiliate in the Coffee Business...I picked up another one yesterday, so all looks good on that front!

Great pics of Lou Dog and her friends...all look content to me. Nothing like a picture of togetherness...

see ya...

blondie said...

Corner office? Funny guy!
Nope, still at my laptop which sits on the lower floor of the "kitty condo" in my living room, lol How's that for class??

Thanks for the laugh today. I'm glad you dropped by.
blondie :))

mattias said...

So, a new cycler is coming...interesting.It´s important to do the research those days when something new is coming up, but it may be good, of course!

I told one "experienced" marketer that I don´t stand back ASD on a community, and he was so angry that he told me that he would delete all the coming posts of me if I hadn´t anything constructive to come up with.I find it very constructive to go after the gut feeling and recommend ONLY reliable programs.

blondie said...

Hi Mattias,
Yes I know who will be running it and you will know soon also. I wasn't really give the OK to release that info yet.
Sorry about the ASD thing. Some folks get real touchy about it.
Gut feelings are good in my opinion.
Keep it up :)