Monday, August 11, 2008

Deep Cycler is getting some attention ...

Announced yesterday here in my blog and via Alert to those on my list, the upcoming Deep Cycler seems to be growing well with pre-launch members.

There are no lines available to purchase until the Official Launch this Saturday, Aug. 16th at 10:00 AM EST.

So if you're going to play, you've got time to get a few bucks together (am trying to find out what the minimum will be***), and there are several pay processor options.

*** Looks like the Lines are going to be $1, $2 and $4. Should be affordable for everyone. Austin will add that info to the site today, so folks will know ahead of time.

Just remember this is a cycler, a game, a doubler, OK?
Only spend what you can afford to lose and it should be a lot of fun :)

I'll update on details as the week progresses, or you can go to the CIF forum where the main thread is along with the Admin.
I'll definitely be playing in this one.

Click Here For Fast Cash!!


Just purchased another Ad Pack in DRW and requested another withdrawal also. They pay really fast so it should be here in a matter of minutes. Guess I'll do some advertising for DeepCycler there. Can't hurt right?


Same with ETXads and E-TradeXchange. If we're gonna pay for advertising, might as well use it. And get the bonus of profit-sharing to boot :)


My friend Patrick is right! Just checked the 10CentClub site and I see movement. Could be an exciting week for sure. I'm sooooooo ready! hahaha!


Finally got the courage to open my Water Bill. Was a two month billing for two months of NO Rain ... $171.89. But my grass is green, my flowers are blooming and my vegetable garden is alive. What more could I ask for?


Am having trouble with my gmail account today. So if you're waiting for me, give it time. I'll get there as soon as I can :))



Anonymous said...

How much is the price of a position ?
and as time will cycle ?


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...what a way to start the week off. Monday morning with a pot of fresh coffee and my favorite blonde to share it with!

Looks like it should be a fqair number count when DeepCycler opens Saturday. Should be good for some fun.

Thanks for the update...

blondie said...

Hi, I just posted in my blog that the positions will probably be $1, $2 or $4. And the time to cycle will depend on members purchases after yours.

Nice to see you too :)
Yeah, Deep Cycler should be fun for sure. And the more the merrier!

Later :))

Holideez said...

Hi Judy

I'm your referral in the deep cycler, lets play next week

I see some action at, my 130 positions in there are waiting...

the Netherlands

blondie said...

I saw you there!
Thanks Patrick!!

Yes I also see some movement at 10CC. Whoo Hooo! Could be an exciting week here :)

Take care and thanks for the note!
Bye :))

Holideez said...

Can I pm you in private?

blondie said...

Yes Patrick,
Do you use gmail?
I'll go there in a minute and they have chat available.
If not, send me an email and I'll give you my skype ID.
Send mail to:

naphtali said...

10centclub, Yes!!!!!!!!!!
Great way to start off the week with good news. Judy You are the bearer of GOOD news!

blondie said...

Take a chill pill and slam down a "White Castle" hehehe
Yeah, I like bringing good news. Let's hope don't lost my touch :P
CYA tomorrow,
blondie / judy :))

Arthur L. Edwards Jr. said...

I signed up for deepcycler 3 days ago. When will I see a cycle? How long does it take?

blondie said...

Please go see my post today.
Aug 28th ... ok?
Will help you understand how it works and how to determine your time.