Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday's are a day of rest but ...

thought I should pop in and at least update you on how Deep Cycler is going.

What started out like gang-busters yesterday, settled down after a few hours. Admin was really busy entering all the purchases manually. And there were tons!! I personally bought 7 in all three lines to start.

So when I logged off last night, only my first 7 positions had cycled, and they were for $4 each.
When I got up this morning, I saw that my 7 - $1 had all cycled. Then, about 24 hrs after launch, my set of 7 - $2 positions cycled.

So Yes, all of my original positions bought at launch time have now cycled!
I've also been doing regular reinvests from my profit to help others cycle as well.

I could write a lot more but I'm pretty sure this is all that you may be interested in about the cycler.
Here's an update in CIF that I just read:


Austin is going to raise the max spends to 10 spots per purchase, per line...
1 to 10 spots per purchase...

Also he will be posting the last #'s of the cycled spot in each line...
However he decides to do it..."

So if you wish to see where you're at in the "waiting line" just pop into CIF. Looks like folks are having a lot of fun there sharing their information with others.

That's all for now :))
Happy Cycling!!!


Austin just announced a referral contest for Deep Cycler over in the CIF Forum. Here's what he wrote:

ok guys it is referral contest time. Here ya go with the details.

Referral contest from august 17th until we reach 1000 members or Midnight EST August 31st whichever comes first. Most paid referrals gets 50$ credited to their account.

This is starting from right now until either we get 1000 total members or august 31dt.

The last member that joined before the contest started was liranpecz. Reffs made up until this point do not count. It is only reffs made from this point forward.

I've gotta run out for a bit but if anyone has any questions they can ask and I will respond when I get home later on."

OK then, if you like to promote, go promote. Could be worth $50 bucks to you! Good Luck!



HermitJim said...

Hey blondie...thanks for the update on Deep Cycler and for all the information you dig up for us.

Thanks for the information, Lady!

See ya...

blondie said...

You're very welcome Jim.
You know I'm a workaholic when it comes to this stuff, right?
Take care,
blondie :))