Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday is White Castle Day

Deep Cycler pre-launch members are growing nicely. Up to 178 when I checked this morning. Should be a fun program to participate in and very affordable!

This question was asked and answered in the CIF forum in the Deep Cycler thread. (remember launch is this Saturday).

js asked:

*All lines automatic reinvest.
What does this mean, exactly?
ie. is there a choice, is there a timeframe? etc."

Austins reply was:

Automatic reinvest means this. Lets say you buy a spot in the 2$ line and your 2$ spot cycles at 200% Giving you 4$ - 2$ goes to your available balance and 2$ will automatically go to buy another spot in the same line. This will happen over and over again so theoretically your spot never expires. This is also a safeguard against hit and runners and will ensure that the lines stay fast and cycling for as long as possible.

One of the worst things is when you have a good group of cycler players that are willing to reinvest and to their part but a larger group taking the funds and running thereby slowing down or even stopping the lines. This way we alleviate that problem

This will not be an option and as you will see it will be a very good move especially for those lucky enough to be around at launch time."

Well I'm glad he explained that. Sounds like a winner! And I really don't want to post every single word from the Forum here, so when you have time, please go there and register. It only takes a minute, then you can read (and write) first hand all the news about Deep Cycler this week.


Hey! Look at this:
"Referred By E-TradeXchange Premier Executive blondies" Another promotion for that old blonde gal. Well, whadda you know? Miracles never cease. hahaha! Seriously, appreciate you all and Thanks m*, you took me to the top :)


Some of these emails just kill me. So just a reminder:
I don't need Viagra
I don't want to see Brittany Spears naked
And I sure as hell ain't gonna send you my bank account number with the PIN code so that YOU can send me that 2 million dollars that I need to hold for you. hehehe


For my friends over on the Eastern Side of the United States, thought you'd enjoy this.
Even though we have no White Castle Hamburger Stands out here in Colorado, I CAN buy them at the local grocery store frozen.
But I do pay dearly for them.
Oh well, nothing like a Taste of Detroit when you get the urge for a Gutt Bomb :))


Lizabeth said...

Hi Blondie,

Good Morning!

I am very interested about one of the
private program, the one that start with $100. I just want to know how much the total amount I will need to invest if I start with the above amount.

Does alertpay collect a fee?
By the way Jhon referred me to you.

Hope you can reply my inquiries.
Thanks for reading and More Power!

God Bless.

Best Regards,

blondie said...

Hey Lizabeth,
I can't talk about it openly here since it's a private program.
So let's continue this chat over at
Write me there, OK?
blondie :))

mattias said...

Hehe, Executive there!

I think it´s a suitable title for you!

About those "sistercompanies", MCDonalds works on more than one place, eh?...hehe

Nice thought, I think....

blondie said...

Hey Thanks Mattias :)

McDonalds is all around the world I believe. White Castle is more limited. But gutt bombs are gutt bombs where ever you go eh?

meltcat said...

Although I am not a White Castle fan (don't disown me), I do think the skunk is adorable!

And, congrats on the executive status!

Have a smilin' good day,

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...are you sure that "corner office" isn't in your future? You just keep getting more and more promotions.

If you are going to be rich...I may have to start flirting with ya! Always wanted a "rich " friend...

See ya...and congrats!

blondie said...

Hey Cat,
I wonder how far S the White Castle stands go? Hmmm Might have to google them, lol
Love your Smile by the way!
Gives off a warm feeling.

Always wanted that corner office. But was never in the right place at the right time. You know what I mean.
Did you say Rich?
hehehe Yeah I make a buck on those $5 purchases now instead of .50 cents. Might be enough for a burger? My Treat!

You two both made me smile :)

Gord said...


First time visitor. I'm a regular reader on John's Blog and interested in Deep Cycler and he mentioned joining under you and so here I am...and signed up.

Now that I am here, I enjoyed reading your articles and updates.

I'll be back


blondie said...

Hey Gord,
Nice to meet you.

I think what John was saying was to join under the first person who noticed you via Alert or join under you favorite blogger. So it's OK if you'd rather join under js. We're friends so it's all good.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Am glad you enjoyed it. Have read yours also. Good Stuff!

Take care and Thanks again!
blondie :))

naphtali said...

Congrats on the promotion!
think I'll celebrate with a White Castle double cheese burger; no pickles.

blondie said...

Hey Greg!
Thanks :))
Have a few of those White Castles for me, would ya? No Pickles here either. I'm with you!
blondie :))

Myrna's adventures said...

Blondie - first time I have heard the term "gutt bomb" - but it sounds like ... one should be cautious. Made me chuckle.
Thanks for the advice.

Cooler here at night now - clear, and nearly a full moon !!