Thursday, August 21, 2008

What No Title?

Wow, is it morning again already?


Those of you playing in Deep Cycler will know what this means:

Just a quick update on the current spots that are cycling today
4$ line - 4224
2$ line - 5262
1$ line - 6172
Happy cycling everyone and don't forget to promote. The reff contest is totally up for grabs!"

That was as of 1:12 PM EST from the Admin ;)
Too keep up to date on those numbers, plse visit the CIF forum.


I don't see anything new over at 10DollarsWonder with regards to 10CentClub opening. And I have not heard anything from the Admin yet either. So we'll just have to wait it out.

And I am pretty sure when this opens it's going to rock!

I am still doing good in 10DollarsWonder though. Cycling and getting a few referral commissions. So Thanks guys for not losing faith :))

OH NO!!! Just heard on the Weather Channel that the latest Tropical Storm is sweeping the city where the 10dw Admin is. So if there's a delay on anything, there's a real good reason for it. Hope this one blows over without too much damage. Dang those storms!


It knocked my socks off yesterday when I saw a promoter "Promising" someone that they would cycle in the Cycler that they joined. Hmmm :(

Just so you know, I never make that promise. I can't!
I don't know what's going to happen there and neither do you (or him or her).
When you play in a Cycler, just pretend you're playing with this:

If you're lucky enough to actually cycle before the program runs dry, then you can count your money.

So if you're promoting something like this ... Don't EVER Make Promises that You Can't Keep.

Just a friendly word of advice. OK? OK!


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...good advise, as always. Trouble is we don't know how many people are paying attention.

Keep up the good work, ok?


Myrna said...

Morning Blondie - your pictures today are so cute - the first one tho I could relate to as was bone tired last night upon going to bed - then suddenly it was am - and so nice and cool (12 C) - I really wanted to sleep for another 10 hrs. How do you call in sick from your job ?? Hmm !!Anyway upon joyfully (!) getting up and looking at my "todo" list I am happy that I can get up and start doing. And then to come and read such cute and funny jokes from you guys - well that is super. And have a giggle - even when by yself. Well my cat watches me giggle.
Have a fantastic Thursday Blondie and all.
Oh and remember the true joke "Blondes do have more fun!!"

mattias said...

Oh, those awful storms!

I will have to pray to protect them again....

We have a good admin, so let´s send our thoughts....

meltcat said...

Good Morning,
Title or no title, it's always a good read at blondie's...

Have a good one,


blondie said...

Hi Jim, Myrna, Mattias and Cat,

Thanks for the comments. I was kinda out of it yesterday. Hope to write something good today. Or not. hahaha

C'you guys,
blondie :))