Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote & more added at 5:45 EST

The Deep Cycler Admin sent this email to all registered members. So go do your fair share now and cast your Vote ...

Hello everyone,

We are well over 200 members now and it seems that only about 10% have taken the time to vote on how many positions we should allow to be purchased per transaction.

Some people said 3, some said 5, some 10 and some said no limit at all.

If you have not yet vote please go to
I will be stopping the votes early saturday morning and I will publish the results on the forums.

We are grateful to all of you, our wonderful members, for all of your efforts in making this such an effective pre launch.

See you guys on saturday!!!! "


I've been Advertising Deep Cycler in all Three of my Paid Advertising Sites. I do have a few referrals that I don't recognize their Usernames or Email addresses. So perhaps my advertising efforts are working? Not sure, but the three that I am talking about are DRW, ETXads and E-TradeXchange. All listed here on the right with their links. (guess I'm too lazy today to put them in this note :)


The High Temp here today is only supposed to be 78 degrees. YaY!
I just found a recipe for a Cheesy Spam & Broccoli Casserole. That sounds kinda good huh? And since it's a cooler day, having the oven on won't be a big deal.


Now don't forget about 10DollarsWonder just cause a new cycler is coming to town. 10dw continues to cycle for me quite regular. It's more of a long term program that you can bank on.
As a matter of fact, remember that big water bill I got?
Guess how I'm paying for it?


No new news on 10CentClub opening yet. But I promise you'll be the first to know :))


5:45 EST:
John and I were just discussing this article.
He is not a member of the program, but I am and will share some thoughts below. Here is what he posted:

"P2P: Folks, am not in the business of taking programmes down (unless they are true scams). I don't know for sure whether P2P is a scam/ponzi or not. What you should be concerned about, if you're in there, is that the North Dakota Securities Department is concerned that P2P is a ponzi and will take action. See this link: P2P:

As well, P2P is offshore, hence they may be immune to the Authorities. I don't really know.

So read the info at the above link and make your move as appropriate for you.

PS: My concern is that trouble has already started brewing in at least one State of the USA. It may escalate (and it likely will). So protect your assets. (Am not in P2P but I look out for trouble on your behalf.)


So I did read the article, then went straight to their Private Member Forum. I found the thread where this had already been addressed and walked away from it feeling just fine. (members: please visit there and read it for yourself)

As mentioned, I am a member there. I have made deposits and I have received my withdrawals. So I am in profit and being careful with the rest.

We should always be careful what we spend here on the net, but you already know that.
Never spend money that you can't afford to lose because we never know what could happen.

I just hope this "blows over" quickly and nothing too serious comes of it.
And I posted it here because I want you all to be aware of what is being said "out there".

I'm OK. You OK?



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...I think the ad venue for all the sites in the group of DRW work very well. My latest signups are from the ads I am running there.

Lucky you to have some cooler weather coming...high 90's for us again.

Should make for some good sleeping for ya, huh?

See ya...

blondie said...

Morning Jim,
Good to hear you're having success with the DRW family also :)

Watching the Weather channel. Tomorrow is only 58 and Fri 64. Will be good for sleeping but I hope my veggie garden doesn't go into Shock!

See ya soon :))

blondie said...

PS, I meant Saturday 64. oops

Myrna's adventures said...

Blondie -
Where is August going - starting to cool off here at night, days getting shorter, school is goiung to start back in about 2 weeks -
I don't have any little kids now but can remember !!
Up to 28 C (Canada) here today - was hot already this am. I just want to have a nap!!

js said...

Good post re p2p Blondie, and I mean your response.


blondie said...

Hi Myrna,
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your weather report :)
School has already started here.
Short summer eh?
Cya :))

blondie said...

Thank you John,
Quite a compliment coming from you :)
Only you know how long it took me to word it. hahaha
blondie :))

mattias said...

A Ponzi-scheme or scam must have to do with the motives of the founder.If he pays out what he has promised and it has a sound model, then it shouldn´t be considered as a scam or Ponzi.But if only a limited group who have come in first during prelaunch earn money, it should be considered as a pyramid-scheme.Let´s hope they can make a fair definition of what is what.