Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let It Be


For those playing in Deep Cycler who don't visit the forum, Austin has added the last position cycled number to the News on the front page of the site.
So if you're wondering where it's at and when you'll cycle, that will help you get an idea.


My three advertising / profit sharing sites are still doing great. Earning the daily profit share (which is small but it adds up) along with ref comm's (thanks guys!). And they are DRW, ETXAds and E-TradeXchange.
So if you're in need of some cheap advertising solutions that earn you money along the way, you might want to check these out. Starts as little as $5.00


OK, here's another one that is Free and I have been neglecting it myself lately. Dang it!
So will someone remind me to go there today, do some surfing, build up some credits, advertise some of my own programs, and visit with whoever else is there in our "Team Chat". (Sorry Jim, I saw your post about it the other day and meant to stop by. I did I did.)
Oh and it's called Traffic-Era. Just added on right under My Favorite Programs.


Been watching the latest Tropical Storm on The Weather Channel. It's still circling around the south east part of the U.S. Have sent an email to the Admin of 10DollarsWonder. He lives down there so am a bit worried about him. Will let you know when I hear back.



And another one:


OK, one more than I've had it :)
So probably see you on Monday. I'll be busy tomorrow.
Enjoy your Beatles day and have a great weekend!
And remember:
"With every mistake, we must surely be learning"



mattias said...

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be...

Rather thoughtful text and nice music.

No wonder they were great, Beatles.

When we communicate and share wisdom and tips with each other, we are developing each other.

HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...How true that is. And by helping to develope others then we ourselves become more developed.

As the old saying goes "Those that spread Sunshine on others can't keep from getting a little on themselves!"

See ya...

mattias said...

Nice Jim!

By the way Blondie, if you would like...

I have started a group on Era about Driven Rapid Wealth.If you want, you could search for it and contribute.

Myrna said...

Blondie - didn't get to read this on Sat - but a day later is not too late. I myself had something to do in which I had "to wing it" - but I did and I certainly learned something !! And the boogey man went away !!
Thanks Hermit Jim for advising aobut the sunshine - so true. I am so glad I have quite a few of you sunshine people.