Friday, August 15, 2008

Cold Rainy Friday & 24 Hours to Cycler

It's a cold rainy Friday morning here and I am lovin it! Such a nice change from the hot dry weather we've had for months. And my grass/lawn is lovin it too!


Regarding the post about P2P yesterday.
I am not concerned about that article at all. I will continue there just as I have been. I felt the article should be mentioned since other folks were circulating it. I want you to know that I am quite comfortable with the response to it in their private forum. So if you're a member, go read it and I'm sure you'll agree with me. Now as Forrest Gump would say: "That's all I got to say about that."


Somebody just purchased a position in their 2nd* Account at 10DollarsWonder.
BONK! Wrong!!! Please don't do that. He needs that database NOT MOVING so that he can successfully get us moved over to 10CentClub.
OK, maybe it was just an accident on their part. But please DO be careful when making your purchase. And DO NOT do anything in your 2nd Account at 10DW.
* 2nd account meaning the one you created long ago for the e2epay transfer.


We're got about 24 hours for the Deep Cycler Launch!
Austin (the Admin) seems to have a handle on things and it should be a fun cycler.
Those of you who have played in cyclers before know how it works. Just be smart, be a team player, don't hit and run, and don't be greedy.
I plan to buy a few positions, wait for them to cycle, then will decide if I reinvest the entire amount or maybe keep a little to replace what I spent.
I'd just like to see everyone have fun and make a few bucks also. And if everyone thinks this way, it could last a long time. If folks get greedy however, well ... I won't go there.
Just remember it's a game and only a game. If you can't afford to lose $1 or $4, then don't play. It's that simple.
I don't want to lose any friends or readers because they lost a buck. You guys are worth much more than that to me.
Honestly! :))
Now, go sign up and have fun! Drinks are on me, haha!

Oh and for those of you who don't visit my comments section, here's a good one I just got from Jim:

Hey couldn't be more correct about the effects of hit-and-run players in a game of any type like this. But why, when a program is paying 200%, would anyone want to run? The lines never expire so what's the point?"

So if you're a Hermit Jim fan and didn't join the cycler yet, go sign up under him. He has a real nice write up in his blog today. Check it out.

And don't forget to visit the CIF forum for the most up-to-date information on Deep Cycler. I'm ready !!!

Just found this in for Forum from Austin. Read carefully:

BTW just a tip to everyone involved. I will be approving positions in the order that they appear in my admin panel. The positions appear in my admin panel when the member returns to my site after payment. If you want to be approved quickly be sure to return to deepcycler immediately after payment and that way you will be higher up in the line smile.gif I just thought that I would share that tid bit of info for you guys."


I have things to do today so don't look for me for a few hours. I'll be back later on but my cupboards are bare and I'm out of Cat Food! Oh Nooooo!!


HermitJim said...

Hey couldn't be more correct about the effects of hit-and-run players in a game of any type like this. But why, when a program is paying 200%, would anyone want to run? The lines never expire so what's the point?

Sorry...don't want to get carried away!Glad you are finally getting some rain! Guess my endless belly bouncing finally did some good, huh?
See ya...

blondie said...

Jim the belly bouncer :)
Too funny!
Yeah it's really cold too. Might have to wear jeans today instead of shorts.

Thanks for the comment about the Cycler. I might have to post that since everyone does not read comments here.
See ya ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, about the 10centclub.

In the past we must create a second 10dollarswonderaccount for the e2epay transfer. Does that mean that our second account must show the positions that we had in e2epay?

Does your 2nd 10DW shows positions?

thank you

blondie said...

You know Patrick,
I don't think 10DW is going to show the pos's from e2ePay. So I'm not sure why he said this in his update:

"10centclub will open in a few days:
... Please do not purchase, re-purchase or withdraw from your e2epay transfer account in 10dollarswonder."

Let me go check my 2nd account.

OK, I have -0- positions there. But my old account balance is showing. You should still be able to log into e2ePay for those numbers. Jot them down so you'll know when 10CC launches that everything has moved over correctly.

As far as I know, 10CC is the Replacement for e2ePay. So I'm not sure what's up with that 2nd 10dw account or what is going to happen to it.