Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Updates

Too bad about ASD Cash Generator. I'd be mad too if I had money in their system. Guess I'm glad I decided not to play. Good Luck to those who have money locked-up in there. Maybe things will work themselves out.

"Friday, August 1st 2008 afternoon update:
Upon direction from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia, ASD will not be able to move funds into company accounts, or out of them. We will work to resolve this problem, and return to normal operation, as soon as we are permitted to do so.
ASD Management."


Well at least 10DollarsWonder is working for me. I continue to cycle and just now made another repurchase. Maybe when summer is over and/or 10CentClub opens, things will begin to pick up again ;)


Received another payout from DRW yesterday, almost instantly.
And their sister programs:
ETXAds and E-TradeXchange are both moving along also.
But LOOK at those two names? This just hit me yesterday. They look like "Twins", don't they? ha! Well, as long they keep working and as long as we earn a daily profit share, I guess that's all that matters.

(pssst hermit? I made another buck so we can afford fries now too) hehehe


Speaking of "the Hermit" ... if you're a Parent or thinking about being one, take a minute to read his Sunday post. Just click the link on the right, "Coffee with the Hermit". It's a good one.


OK, that's all for now. I'm off to check my 2 Private programs and then maybe go over to TrafficEra to do some Surfing for Credits while enjoying a nice "chat" with other team members.
If any of you wish to join us, after you get registered, send me a note and I'll have "js" invite you to our team. We do have fun there sometimes :))

Have a Good Sunday!



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...I am glad that we can get fries with that!! You know me...I'm always in the mood for anything that even sounds fattening. Besides, potatoes are good for ya, right?

I am having good luck with 10DW and the 2 sites you mentioned...ETXads and E-TradeXchange, along with the wonderful DRW. Just made my first withdraw from DRW and like you said...FAST!! May have to concentrate more energy to these sites, ya know?

see ya later...and thanks for the plug, you Colorado Cutie!


blondie said...

Yes, potatoes are good for you. Not so sure about greasy fried ones though, lol

Congrats on your 1st withdrawal of many in DRW. They are lightning fast, aren't they?

I'll have an Ice-Cream Sundae for dessert. Thanks hun :)

Myrna said...

Blondie and HermitJim - morning ( well noon here) to you fine people. More rain here yesterday !! - and overcast.
Am on the run - so have a good day !!

mattias said...

About ASD Cash Generator.I´m a member there and I can agree that it´s frustrating.I haven´t placed so much money there, and must agree that things are complicated there and that the site has been down too many times.It must be resolved and they have to be smoother in the future...

I also chat when I surf and for the most on Lords of Traffic, an excellent exchange.Now they were also interested in my poetry there so the admin allowed a main topic in the forum for writers!!

A generous and great admin there!

blondie said...

Thanks Myrna,
You have a good day too :)

Hi Mattias,
I've heard the ASD program was frustrating. And I do hope it gets resolved for all of you.
And Congrats on putting your poetry in that forum. Should be fun!

Thanks for stopping by :))