Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain :))

What started out as a regular hot summer day yesterday, I noticed the cats were trying to keep cool on the patio in the shade ...

Louis decided it was time for a nice cold drink ...

(too bad it kept moving and she got a face-full, hahaha)

Or maybe she was doing a Rain Dance for me?

Kind of looks like a Rain Dance, doesn't it?

Then as she sniffs the air she says ...

Do I Smell Rain ????

I DO I DO I DO I DO !!!!!

The next thing I know, there is a FLOOD Warning for OUR Area. WHAT?

I'm sure it's been 2 months of no rain, and then I have to prepare for a flood?!? Well, I did not. And it did not flood. But we DID get a Great Rain for a couple of hours! YaY !!!!! About dam time huh?


Just got some Good News from the 10DollarsWonder Admin with regards to the 10CentClub (which replaces e2ePay) opening !!!

"I have finally resolved the database upload (transfer) problem with web hosting company.
I'm working on some script changes and implement e-gold, Alertpay and STP. As soon as these 3 money processors are ready, we are ready to roll. :)) I'll continue to change the rest scripts later.

The news update will be out in next day or two."

So there you have it!
I'm ready to roll ... how about you?


You know the old saying: "When it Rains it Pours!"?
Well it poured here yesterday, and I'm all smiles :))


Both of my Private programs are doing great. One of them is more "hands on" than the other, which I sort of like. I guess I prefer to be involved with my own money. Can you blame me? lol
Should have some good news later today or tomorrow about one of them. Will be sure to let you know when it happens.

UPDATE: Just received my first withdrawal request from one of the "P"rivate programs mentioned! This was my 'seed money' only, so everything else will be gravy. Whoo Hooo!


Oh and did I mention it RAINED yesterday?!? hahaha


All three of these are moving right along: DRW, ETXAds and E-TradeXchange advertising and profit sharing programs. Can't wait to Advertise 10CentClub in em. Yeppers.


Just went out and checked my vegetable garden. Wanted to be sure it was OK after ALL THAT RAIN yesterday, hehehe



OK, one more thing then I'm otta here ...
Someone tried to "TAG" me today. Meaning they sent me an email that says "You've been tagged" and if this person is your friend, click here.

If you do click, you're forced to register for Hmmm I thought. Sounds like they're just collecting email address.

So while checking into John's blog just now, he has a nice write-up all about it. And I was right! You should Stay Away!
Glad I never let anyone "TAG" me, and YOU shouldn't either!



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...see, the Hermit TOLD ya you would get some rain soon! Great news about 10CentClub launch. I'm ready...

I'll bet those poor veggies in your garden went into shock when the rain came. They didn't remember what it was...sort of like a primative tribe seeing a solar eclipse for the first time. Glad they survived ok...

Fun post today!! I enjoyed it!!

mattias said...

I´m ready for the too.I don´t have as many positions there as in 10Dollars, but it is of course one more good program...

One important truth in this industry is multiple income streams as I have and you others seems to have.

Your dog seems to be a good friend Blondie:)

blondie said...

Hi Jim,
Yep lots of good news today. Glad you liked the post. And the Plants look happy as heck too!

Hi Mattias,
10centclub will be a blessing when it opens, that's for sure!
And Louis (aka Lou Dog) is my grandbaby. I was just keeping an eye on her yesterday.
Yes, she is a good friend.

Thanks you too,

naphtali said...

Enjoy the rain. we've certainly had our share here.
And I am certainly anxious about 10centclub!
Concerning your Private club, are we still able to join? I think I'd like to take another look at them. LMK thanks

blondie said...

Hi Greg,
I did enjoy the rain and it's cloudy again today :)
Yes, the Private club is still open for new investors. LMK if you wanna chat about it more.