Sunday, August 24, 2008

Taking Sunday Off but ...


Would the person with email address starting with sucoulson@ - please check your email account. For some strange reason, I am getting 30-40 emails from you per day asking to "JoinAlertList". Thanks :)


I normally don't like talking on the phone to folks about "our programs", that's why I have this blog. I'm actually quite a bashful person in real life. But today I was asked to phone someone with the initials BM (no pun intended) and we had a nice chat about 10dw, e2epay and 10centclub. He's been very supportive of 10dw and has been a member almost as long as I have. Maybe it was my friend JG who helped to cure me of my phone shyness, I'm not really sure. And I'm not saying that I am totally cured. I just didn't hesitate to call this person as long as I normally would.

So the above paragraph is definitely not an invite for everyone to ask me to call them ... because I probably won't. I just wanted to share the thought that maybe I've grown up 'just a little more' lately. And don't ask me why. I just feel a little older and wiser today.


And those looking for MORE places to advertise besides the few that I have listed ... check out js's 9PlanetReviews. He's posted quite a nice list today.


OK then, have a nice day and I'll c'ya tomorrow :)


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Myrna said...

Blondie - you need to take a day off now and again.You are so busy during the week offering help etc. with your blog and questions.

I was fortunate enough to have Sunday with my twin ( boy and girl )grandchildren - now 6 - going on 16 !!! Boy things are different since I raised my son (?? years ago) - and even more so since I was raised. Almost scary. But I still do believe in right and wrong and what is acceptable behavior and what is not. So regardless of the toys , TV Games etc. that is available - we still have to provide the basics : love, safety and rules !!

Anyway it gave Mom and Dad a day off to have a little belated anniversary supper !! They earned it.

So hope everyone else had a good Sunday also. Back to the grind on Monday !!