Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School

Although I have no little children to send back to school these days, I do enjoy the sales of school supplies this time of year. I can sometimes hook up with these little spiral note books that I use to jot down my 'program' information for something like 3 / $1.00. Can't beat that to keep track of a whole year of work (and money :))


I'm going back to 5 asterisks between subjects. If that's not enough, tuff cookies! lol It's just habit, you know?


I'm late posting here today. Was busy paying bills and doing bookwork. But the good news is .....

I received my withdrawal request from 10DollarsWonder this morning, so now I can also pay that giant water bill. YaY! And it did take the full 14 days for me to receive payment after my request. So if you're waiting for one, don't look for it too soon, OK? Just know that it will come :)


Feeling on a roll with the money thing, decided to also withdraw my earnings from the three different Advertising & Profit Sharing sites I'm in. Between the three I managed to get another $115 to my Alert Pay. So not a bad morning at all.


Let's not forget about Deep Cycler. I dug deep into my pocket to start this, but it's paid off already! I've more than doubled the amount of money that I spent and am doing well in the cycling. Cycled a few more spots today since I got here. Think I'll go re-spend before I forget about it.

Don't forget about the Referral Contest either. Details are on the site or scroll down to see them in yesterdays post. OK cool :))


By the way ... my spam is getting worse and worse. So I was forced to turn the Spam Filter on at my AOL email address.
I don't like to do that but by golly ... I DON'T NEED VIAGRA! OK? sheesh :(


Oh and go to: "Coffee with the Hermit" blog today. He's got my favorite song in there. Link is on the right side. Enjoy :))



HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...we must be on the same wave lenght. I got my w/d from 10DW today as well...and I did a w/d just a couple of days ago from DRW as well. Great minds..huh?

It took me 10 days to get the w/d from 10DW but that's well within the time frame so not to worry, right!

See ya

blondie said...

Hey Jim,
Good to hear.
My 10dw took 15 total, 14 after the req. date. It's all good. I'm not special, you know? :P

Well it was time to start a new page in my "spiral notebook" so I figured I'd start if off with a clean slate. Know what I mean? :))

C'ya Soon!

Myrna said...

Blondie - thanks for your news here - I did get some mail today from 10dollars too - so getting to upgrade some more. And saving up to withdraw .
Am interested of course in 10cent and anticipating its opening.
Cooler here for the am - but hot afternoon. Starting to show darkness earlier now in the evening.
See you in the morning !

blondie said...

Hi Myrna,
Yes shorter days started in June I think. Right after the first day of summer. I like it.
Also very anxious for 10centclub!
Take care,
blondie :))

mattias said...

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