Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Friday!

Gotta Love that Calvin :))


More later, OK?


OK I'm back.

The only News for today is a reminder that
Deep Cycler is opening Two New Lines tomorrow at 10:00 AM, EST.
They will be a $5 and $6 line, and I'll be there for the opening "bell".

I was there the first time and did really well cycling pretty fast. Just remember there's a limit of 5 positions per line for the first hour. Then it's opened to 10 more positions per line for the rest of the day. Then all restrictions are lifted after that.
OK then ... have fun, have a great day, and I"ll see you tomorrow :))

Luv you guys!!!

PS, if you have $5 or $6 in your account balance at DeepCycler, then Yes. You can use it to purchase a new position in the new lines tomorrow. OK? OK! Thanks :))



Myrna said...

Blondie - so true. Thanks for the funny !!

Manu said...

Hey Blondie...i don't have kids yet but it gave me a good laugh anyway. LOL

Thanks and have a great day,

blondie said...

I know you can relate to it!

Your time is coming!
Look out and be prepared!

Myrna said...

I vacuumed and washed floors most of the afternoon - so beware anyone who even puts a speck on the floor !!
Re: Deep Cycler - can we transfer funds from the first cycler program - or do we have to withdraw
and then purchase with new funds ?

blondie said...

Anything in your account balance in Deep Cycler can be used to play in the new lines.
Check your account balance.
When you go to purchase, if there's money available in your account, you'll see a 2nd set of purchase options. The first is for new money, the 2nd is for using money from you acct. balance. ok?
If there's money there, that can be used for the new lines.
Sry, am repeating myself.
blondie :))