Saturday, August 2, 2008

Talked Myself Silly and Raccoons

I think I talked myself silly yesterday, so I've run out of stuff to say today. Everything is going fine and I don't see any fires to put out.

I did enjoy a visit from these little guys last night.
There were 6 of them on the patio when I turned the light on.

It's so cute to see them putting their hands and arms into the water bowl. I know they wash their hands, but am thinking that they were looking for 'fish'?

So I threw them some leftover Salmon patties and a few rolls to go with it. They do seem to like bread along with their fish.

Well, they make me smile.
I hope they make you smile too :)

Have a good weekend.
I'll be back if anything exciting happens.
blondie :))


HermitJim said...

Hey Blondie...looks like all the critters in the 'hood know where the best handouts are, huh? Nice to know that they also have the manners to wash before eating!

Hope you didn't go so far as to put the salmon patties in the water for them...

Thanks for a great post and pics

Myrna said...

Blondie - cute pictures. you are so kind to be feeding them. One little warning tho - don't let them have their babies in any spot you can't get to and clean -- as that can really make a mess. One of my friends had some in the barn - they got in between 2 walls - he literally had to take those boards out and junk them - quite the mess and smell. So good thing they like to wash their handsies..

We had rain yesterday - cloudy/ cool today. Only 13 C ( F ? )"shiver !!" Forecast is showers for every day on the weekend. Monday is a civic holiday "Heritage Day in Alberta "
lots & lots of people leave the city - & lots come to visit.

Wish I could send you some rain - that's for sure.
You stay cool & Everyone have a good day !

blondie said...

Jim :)
Since the Salmon could not swim ... NO, I did not put it in the water, hehehe
Thanks for the smile today!
Catch ya later!

blondie said...

There is nothing in my backyard. Not even a shed. So no worries there.
Thanks for the advice.
Still hot and dry here :(

mattias said...

May you be blessed with rain my friend!

Those pictures of animals are cute.

I always loved my grandmother´s cats whhere I grew up.

blondie said...

Thank you Mattias!
Yes the raccoons are cute.
Just wish I could pet them, you know?
Take care :)

Myrna said...

Blondie - you could likely train them to come and get gum or some treat out of a jacket pocket.
They'd be your friends for life !!