Thursday, November 3, 2011

100 Years Old Today ... No, Not Me

Heard on the News this morning that Chevrolet is 100 years old today. How cool is that? My first new car was a 1970 Chevy Camaro. Paid $3,000 for it and my payments were $65.65 a month (after my down payment.) Funny how I remember stuff like that. It was a hot car and fast! I could pretty much beat out anybody when the light turned green. (oops, did I say too much?) LOL Oh and today is my Mothers Birthday too. She'd also be really old if she were still here. Happy Birthday Chevrolet and Mama :)

*** JBP-JSS: got a notice today that my Level 1 Upgrade had expired. So I renewed it using JSS Account funds (rather than AP). Nice of them to give us that option now. Also the Tripler Feed is starting and I'm anxious to see the end results. If you check in JSS Financial, and see this: "New Position from JSS-Tripler Feed", that's good news. Plus I got a report of new JSS Matrix positions being created in phases. So will check a little later to see if any of mine got entered yet.

*** KrazyMoneyMakerI cycled quite a few pretty fast after launch yesterday and purchased 5 more in the $8 line and 3 more in the $30 line before I logged off. Those have not cycled yet but I see some $ in my account balance that I can spend... so I will definitely throw some back into the pot to help those who purchased after me get cycled. If you're confused on the whole thing, members are reporting their status in the forums, which helps me keep track of it too.

*** T2: guess we're waiting for more to be done to the site and the members area before officially launching this one. Admin did mention that Upgrades might be possible by this weekend, then DP sales 2-3 days after that.
Just a reminder that if you DO plan to sponsor or want the Matrix positions created for you after your Triplers expire, then you DO need to be an Upgraded Member PRIOR to purchasing your DP's. Only upgraded members will receive RC and Matrices.

*** CWC: was a little shocked just now to see that some of my PSS's cycled on Nov 1st (ending in # 8746). I thought Larry put everything on hold till the HUB was ready, but I guess not.



Norbert's Traffic said...


blondie said...

That was a good year for them too! Actually I did have another 70 Camaro that I sold a few years ago for 2K.
Can't believe the price of cars these days :(

Randy V said...

Hey Judy;

My first car was a 68 Red Chevy Camaro. I loved that car. I also love the way the new ones look today. Many times I have thought how I would love to have a new Red Camaro...Maybe someday!!

Thanks for the memories!!!

Have a great day.

blondie said...

Another Camaro Kid !
Yeah those were fun days for sure.

I wouldn't want one now though. They sit too low for me and freak me out. Lots of trucks and SUV's in Colorado.
Where you live is different so I can picture you in one.
Send me a photo when it happens! lol