Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday ...

No Thanks. 
I don't like shopping in the first place, so have no want to get out there with thousands of other shoppers today. I know you can get good deals on things this day, but it's not worth the stress in my book. I'll wait till next week to get back out there when things have settled down a bit.

JBP-JSS: Noticed some 'placement loans' today in 5 of my matrices. It's all good. I've been buying placements but not enough I guess, lol. Also noticed 8 more of my ref's and their ref's cycled a matrix. Congrats to those people!
So I'll continue my regular journey of buying Triplers, cashing out, buying placements in the Matrix, rinse and repeat :)
You know ... I see big promoters in the forums bragging about the number of referrals they get into new programs. Looking back, I see the same number of ref's in JBP that I've had for months now, and I'm happy as heck. I think it's more about Quality not Quantity. And I've got some quality people in my group, that's for sure!!

Tripler2: wrote late yesterday that withdrawals were open. I haven't withdrawn yet and am debating now if I should or if I should continue to build on my Dream Positions. I'm running a decent amount of DP's right now, and I'm not worried about this program. So I'll decide later what to do.
Also noticed there are Upgraded Members who have not purchased any DP's yet. You realize it's the DP's that earns you the 2% Daily, right? Also for every 4 DP's that you purchase, once they expire (after 75 days), you will get 1 Free Dream Matrix position that will pay $60 when it cycles. Something to think about for sure. This program is new and growing and has a lot of support. Definitely a good time to get involved.
Posted about 16 hours ago:
Updated Members Count thumbup(1).gif 5891
Total Dream Positions Sold yahoo.gif18340
Just released: You can do an Internal Transfer within your own account, minimum of 1 cent. Let's say you have $6.00 in your DP balance, and $7 in your Main. From the Main Menu, you can transfer $4 from your Main account to your DP account if you wish to purchase yourself another $10 Dream Position.
Pretty slick eh?

GBC: someone asked me yesterday about GBC. I got tongue tied since there's so many details about it that Gord has in place. I didn't know where to start, so I took the easy way out ... send them to his blog. hehe
A warm welcome to all the new members who have registered recently. The GBC Blog link is near the top of the GBC Homepage and I posted an article recently about the Compensation plans with GBC. The Blog is a good source of information about the inner workings of the Club and the latest news.
As for me, I just keep buying in the $40 boards, throw in some PIF's once in awhile, surf and advertise, then wait for payouts.
It's just too easy ;)

KrazyMM: no word on what's next. But I can be a nag, so will keep trying to get the scoop.

Bi-24: heard that Ivan's made some payouts to members from profits received in another program. Very cool peace.gif

I am freezing in here. Why? There is no reason for it. I can actually afford to keep myself warm this winter yet I keep the thermostat set low. Soooo I can either turn up the heat or get some bigger slippers. Looks like Olivia's got the right idea, LOL

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