Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Yep, that's what I did last night and today.
In bed by 9, up at 5. It's gonna be a long day.
Guess I should find something productive to do.
BTW, my Beef Stew tasted pretty darn good :)

JBP-JSS: the member area under the JBP's Synergy Surf / Financial is more detailed now. Shows your JSS's itemized by number purchased, received from Booster, Tripler feed, Tripler restart, how many cycled thus far, rebates received and rebates pending. That's cool and makes it easier to understand.
Received another payment from them last night as well.

KrazyMM: don't forget the new lines are opening tomorrow and there is a count down clock on the site. If you plan to 'play' in the new lines, you must have an active position in the older lines first. Active meaning not cycled yet. (I have plenty of those myself right now, lol)
To play in the $10 line, you must have an active $8.
To play in the $40 line, you must have an active $30.
TIP: if you have enough in your account balance to make a new $10 or $40 spend tomorrow ... it may behoove you to hang onto that. Purchasing from account balance is much faster than purchasing from AP or LR. So if you plan to 'play' as soon as the light turns green, that would be my suggestion.
PS: thanks to Gord I noticed the count down clock. It's launching an hour earlier than last time, so will be 1 PM my time, 3 PM EST.
Note: the new lines will also help the old lines cycle because each player has to be 'active' in the old, before they can play in the new. 

Tripler2: might be open for Upgrades in the next day or two, then open for DP spends a couple of days after that. I'm watching it.

New Program: there is word of a new program launching around the 15th, but I don't have much information on it yet. So I'll keep my ear pressed to the ground and let you know when I hear it coming.

CWC: surprised to see some cycling of my PSS's on Nov 6th. Last one ending in # 9478. That actually put me over the $20 mark so I went ahead and requested a withdraw today, and received it already! Still waiting for news on the Hub. C'mon Larry, chop chop. What are you waiting for ... Christmas? LOL

Lookin out the window at the brown leaves falling and the patches of snow left over from last week, forced me to start singing again. Oh no, cover your ears!

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