Monday, November 7, 2011


What is it about Mondays anyway?
No motivation. No energy. 
No ambition. Ah well. 
I guess we can use the time change as an excuse, but the 'fall back' change actually gave us one more hour.
So I have no excuse. 
Other than it's Monday.

JBP-JSS: Carl said in yesterdays conference call that the Tripler feed should start today. Yeah OK, let's wait and see. In the meantime, am just keeping the ball rolling with buying Triplers and cashing out.
PS, forum post that is believable: "Carl said that this will start Today, and would prob take up to 2 days for the first batch of 25%"

KrazyMM: back by popular demand, Kent will be launching the two new lines this Wed instead of next. So mark your calendar for Nov 9th at 4 PM EST if you plan to 'play' in the next round. See the home page for the rules and please comment with questions. Remember, first-in first-out so the faster you are, the better chance of cycling before others.

Tripler2: waiting for news on opening.
OK, here's some news

GBC: received my weekly profit share as always, and a little in RC too. Thanks Gord and of course all the members :)

CWC: just waiting on news about when the Hub will be ready. Admin doesn't seem to be in any hurry and I'm a patient person too, so when it happens it'll happen.

Bi-24: Admin is sending out payments as money comes in. Members are posting payment proofs in forums, so you don't have to take my word for it.

What else? I sound blah don't I?
Maybe I'll lighten up later and come back to post more.
Another snow storm on the way starting tonight and going into tomorrow morning. Sounds like good night for Beef Stew.

This is crazy. My Sun sets at 5 now instead of 6. 
Well I don't like the time change for the summer. Why can't we just stay on regular time all year long? Who the hell thought up this time change in the first place? Huh? They should be spanked! 

OK, I'm otta here. Here's one of my favorite Doors songs of all time. Well, he is a Morrison, you know :) 


Randy V said...


I loved the Doors too. They were one of my favorites. I know Jim was a Morrison but I know you and Jim were quite a bit different. I guess you saw the movie about his life. He was talented but was one of a kind. Too bad he left us too soon.

Have a great week!


blondie said...

I loved the movie where Val Kilmer played Jim Morrison. It was awesome.

Actually the first movie where I said "who was that actor" and I learned of Kilmer. Seen him around ever since.

Yeah it is sad about Jim. And no, never did do the drugs like he did. Else I might be gone now too.

Nice to see you Randy.
Keep in touch.