Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Randy and Robert

I'm such a bonehead sometimes. Thought there was a malfunction in my Skype when I was getting message notices, but nothing was there. Realized today that Skype was trying to tell me that it was someone's Birthday! Holy Moly, how did I miss that? 
Robert, your's was Oct 29th, correct? and Randy's is Today! Happy Birthday to both of my Baby Boomer Buddies!!!

JBP:JSS: What's new? Not much. Still waiting (along with thousands of others) for that dang tripler feed to get going. In the meantime, I bought more Triplers today. Just staying on my schedule.

KrazyMM: well, I been goin round and around on what to do next. My first positions did cycle really fast, but the ones I bought at the end of the day Wed, have not cycled yet. Then read a post in the forum from Greg that said
"For all of the members here, It's not whether you cycled today or yesterday, we will all cycle through once the new positions open. So, what I am doing, I did my one payout and and further funds will go into new positions. Let everyone else just sit back and do nothing. I will do the opposite. I'll be very happy again in 11 days."
He's got a good point. Kent will be opening new lines on the 16th and anyone wanting to play in those lines do need to be involved in the lower lines first. So I bought another $30 and another $8 today, which will also help someone else cycle in the interim.

Tripler2: Coming along. No word on any official opening yet.

GBC: Tomorrow is profit share day at GBC, which is always something we can count on.

CWC: Lookie Lookie: 50/50 Rule has been Removed
So for those of you with at least $20 in your Account Balance can now Cash Out! Thanks Larry :)

Wouldn't be much of a Birthday without a song or two!
Happy Happy Birthday to Both of my Special Friends!!!


Randy V said...

Thanks so much Judy. Its just another one but I appreciate each one of them.

The cards were great and you know how I feel about the Beatles!

Have a super weekend!


blondie said...

Yep, had to get the Beatles in there for ya!

Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday today and don't party too hard!
It can be rough at our age, lol

roberteb said...

Thanks Judy
That is sweet of you, cards are great, funny.
Taking my vitimins and working out at the gym,got to keep living, loving these games way too much..LOL
Judy your a very special person, a good friend.
Love, Peace, Joy...
The greatest is Love.
Continue on Judy

blondie said...

Robert, you're way too nice to me.
I do appreciate those who accept me as I am, even after I start talking like a 'truck driver'. You know what I mean, LOL
Hope your Birthday was fun and also looking forward to celebrating many more with you.
Yep, we both love those 'games' don't we?