Saturday, November 12, 2011

Windy Saturday

Windy as heck here today. Lost another big tree limb. Winds are 30-50 MPH with gusts up to 80. I put the patio chairs on their backs cause they're heavy and I didn't want them blowing through my glass door :o 

JBP-JSS: Received another payment today but still no movement in the Tripler feed. So we wait.

KrazyMoneyMaker: YaY! Kent fixed my account and although I should have been $3.60 in the hole, he called it even. Nice guy eh? So waiting on news now for when the next line opens. The $40 that is.

T2: still a lot of tweaking going on and anxious for the Upgrade to open. I'll remind you about that when I see it Active.

GBC: Gord wrote a nice article today about the Club's Charities and Donations and you can read it here. I'm really happy to be a part of that as it means a lot to me. Thanks again Gord!

CWC: will try to get an update from Larry, but don't hold your breath.

While watching TV last night, caught a Special Show for Veterans Day. Was a basketball game followed by a concert on one our aircraft carrier ships. Pretty awesome to say the least and this song was performed at the end. Love this guys voice.
PS, look below the song to see what I'm talkin about.

"Wow, time-lapse videos are cool. Check out this video of the transformation of USS Carl Vinson's (CVN 70) flight deck into a basketball court for the Carrier Classic happening on Veterans Day."

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