Friday, November 18, 2011

Tebow Friday

That's what the news reporters are calling it today. Good game for the Denver Broncos last night when our quarterback Tim Tebow pulled it together in the 4th quarter for a win against the NYJets. WTG Guys !! 

So what's new in our biz world?
JBP-JSS: lot of things on hold right now till the site is back up and functioning properly. You cannot withdraw from the Tripler to JSS and I also heard you cannot buy new Triplers now? hmmm Well I see my referrals buying but maybe those emails were delayed. I'll be back with more news if I hear anything.
*Site is still propagating and coming back area by area. People are buying and moving money and cashing out again. So if it's not working for you, just give it a little more time.

Tripler2: sure would be nice to see those DP's ready to purchase, or at least an 8 hour notice that they'll be ready to purchase. I'm upgraded and funded and ready to rock. Now, 'where's the beef?'
OK Here We Go ... 
Hi T2 Member.

Just to say that we are now confident that we can go for FULL DP sales launch on Monday night/Tuesday morning at approx 00.05am server time.

Please make sure that you upgrade before purchasing DPs if you require that they count towards a free $60 Dream Matrix Position. You can NOT purchase and the upgrade, this will not upgrade your DP units and will expire after 75 days.

Reminder to Fund: If you wish to beat the rush to get in the first day of of the matrix (day 76) so you can have almost instant cycling, then you are well advised to fund your 'main account'. You can do this by going to your dashboard and clicking on 'My Accounts' and selecting 'Main Account'. You can then go ahead and add funds to your account in readiness for the launch of DP sales.

Added Extras: You will start to see some changes in your member area over the next few days. We have already added a server time display, also we added a commission totals amount in the 'main account' area. We are also adding a member to member funds transfer system, You will be able to send and receive limited amount of funds between member main accounts. This will be monitored.

Liberty Reserve: We are aware of problems funding with Liberty Reserve, if their are also funds in your main or DP account, some funds are not always being added. If you experience this, please just send a support ticket, with your LR transaction details and we will manually credit it. This should almost certainly be resolved by DP launch.

10,000 Member Cap: We are now over half way to our member cap currently at 5,100 members. Once we launch DP sales and once payment proofs start hitting the forums, we will be expecting that number to rise dramatically. You still have time to build referrals. You can actually earn a living from commissions alone in a program like T2. DON'T MISS OUT!

T2 Forum: If you have any questions about the program, please go to the T2 Forum and log in with your T2 username and password. There is a whole section dedicated to T2. There are many members and mods that are more than happy to answer your questions.

Wishing You Much Wealth And Happiness.
The T2 Team.

After logging into T2, if you are ready to add funds, do NOT use IE as your browser. Seems those who do cannot see ALL the available links in your back office. Use either Firefox or Google Chrome and it should look good. 
To add funds: Left side menu: 
My Accounts (there is a drop down menu), go to
Main Account and a new page will open for you to fund to. 
Give a holler if you have problems. 


Sent this note to Gord today and wanted to share it with you.

"OK, got the mail last night. Was a small blue envelope hand written to me. Didn't recognize the name and they used a doggie stamp (funny). Opened it up and it was a small card ... 3 x 5 maybe with Paw Prints on it. It read:

Judy & Gordon -

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Tri-County Collie Rescue in memory of Bill Stewart.
He is missed so much, by so many people (and collies!)
Thank you for honoring his memory in donating to his beloved collies.

Christa McElroy TCCR Treasure

I teared up Gord. Thought that was sooo sweet of her to write to us personally rather than just a printed sheet saying 'thanks for your donation'.
I'm glad someone noticed my "Memo" in the PayPal receipt. Just wanted to share that with you since we did it together.
Smiles and Hugs :) "

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