Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day

Veterans Day in the U.S. and 
Remembrance Day in Canada

My Father was in WWII which is one of the reasons he got a late start in starting a family. He was in the Navy but I never did hear too many stories about that growing up. Probably for the better.
So to those who fought for our Country or are still out there fighting, our thoughts and Prayers are with each one of you.

I didn't sleep much last night so if my post seems spacey today, that's why. Was up at 1:00 AM having a nice drink of Alka-Seltzer. Guess my meatloaf dinner wasn't so good after all.

JBP-JSS: STP is now available for upgrading to Level 1 or funding your JSS account to purchase Tripler positions etc. With Alert Pay CC still being on hold, glad to see they've opened a new way to pay. Oh and the tripler feed ... I'll let them tell you:
Meanwhile, we're also progressing with the JSS-Tripler --> JSS Feed. Originally too money new JSS positions were added to "Financial" under your JSS account. These positions will be deleted and you'll get one entry in your account for all the positions to be added by the Feed. After that
we'll start adding new JSS positions to "Positions" under your JSS account. This will happen within the next day or so. Get ready for some JSS cycling and earnings!

KrazyMoneyMaker: be back later. Waiting on Kent to check my account.

Tripler2: there's a lot of stuff going on there if you check around the site. There's a Store and they have their own Forum now too. Admin has lots of plans for the future, but I'm more interested in today. We need to get this show on the road, enable upgrades and then purchasing of the DP's. That's just my opinion.

GBC / GrandBankClub: I took Gord up on his offer yesterday and purchased a new Easy 40 Plan and a new Moose Boost. I not only got the Bonus he promised, but a big surprise on top of it!
When he sent my bonus payment to me, I noticed it was too much. Looking at the Message in Alert Pay, it read:
Message: GrandBankClub bonus advance for Puffin Twenty Six_V (Clone) and $25 for the Kennel Charity
Story: My good friend Bill Stewart was a member in GBC. His boards are still running so when he completes one, Gord sends the payment to me so that I can send it to "Tri-County Collie Rescue", (because that's what Bill would have wanted). Well, I received $42 from Gord a month ago but waited to send it because Gord wanted to add a donation from the 'club'. So today I will be sending $67 to the Collie Rescue fund in memory of Bill.
Gord, as Jackie Gleason would say ... How sweet it is!

Noisy in here today. Couple of guys out there banging on my house. Yes, finally my new replacement siding is being put on. Maybe now my poor old house won't look like it belongs in the foreclosure district any longer, LOL

OK, just changed my header here adding est. 2007. You guys think that is too much? Seriously. Shouldn't I note that I've been doing this for over 4 years? 

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