Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tripler2 - I'm confused

Tripler2: Admin was out of town last night at the time the cycling should have occurred. But lo and behold, once he returned he got us back on track. So everyone who purchased DP's yesterday before 00:00 server time have now received their first day of the 2% Daily Earnings. I know I did :)

Membership count is now at 5642
DP Scoreboard for number of DP's purchased is over 16000

OK here's what I'm confused about...

Checking my own referral listing today, I see folks who have Upgraded to Level 1 but have not bought any Dream Positions yet. Now that seems weird to me.

Maybe they're out of town or just spaced it out. That's one of the reasons I sent out an Alert last night, to announce that DP sales were ON.

If you are already Upgraded to a Level 1 Membership, you will receive RC from all of your 1st and 2nd level referrals when they purchase DP's. PLUS you will receive 1 Free Dream Matrix position for every 4 of your DP's once they expire.

The mystery is, why someone would pay to upgrade their membership and then not buy DP's? Perhaps they wanted to buy straight into the Matrix? You can't yet. Those won't be available to purchase until day 76 or 77 I believe.

So chop chop. Get those DP's bought and working for you. The sooner the better IMO.

PS, for those anxious to withdraw, that should be available in the next 12-24 hours. Cool :)

Moving on.

JustBeenPaid-JSS: haven't cycled any more of my own Matrices although I have bought quite a few placements in the last 2 or 3 days. So with all this Re-Start stuff behind us now, it's certainly time to look forward to a steady moving program once again. No complaints here and I am seeing a lot of happy campers in the forums as well. Right On JBP !!

KrazyMoneyMaker: trying to get an update.
Will post when I do, if I do.

Bi-24: Ivan will be making a few more payments to members as funds roll in from his other income streams. Like he said in his update, these things take time so your patience is appreciated. 

First woman on the moon 
You have to be old enough to appreciate this. 
If you don't understand it,you are too young.

(Just send it on ~ everyone has at least one
friend who will get it!!!)

Alright, for those who didn't get it or want me to solve the puzzle, here ya go:

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