Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Face

I don't like facebook, 
but I DO love the pics 
I find there :)
Makes for a much 
happier day for a
proud gramma!

JBP:JSS: old faithful still paying me 2% daily like clockwork. I know some are anxious for the Tripler feed but there's nothing we can do to speed it up. So am on a wait mode like everyone else. Besides, it's bonus money to me.

KrazyMoneyMaker: Kent sent a note out yesterday asking everyone to cash-out if they had $10 or more in the account balance. He's working to get us back on track and I suppose the money sitting in there threw him off. So if you have $10 or more of funds in KMM, request a withdrawal please.

Just as a heads up... People will start to see all their commissions disappear.
This is because they are not actually due till DP sales are open. They WILL be credited back once sales go up (Please don't ask when!)
They were actually added to the main account function just to make sure 'that part' of the system was working ok... which you are obviously going to be glad to have seen, that it was working fine.
All those commissions will reappear once people convert their account funds to DPs.
Onwards and upwards,

Me: well I did fund my account yesterday to be ready for when the DP's go on sale. Will keep watching for news on that.
PS, Gord wrote up some good instructions for "funding" your T2 account which may help those who are confused. Rather than re-writing it all, you can see it here in his blog. It's right under the Big Bopper. Gee I wonder if Gord owns a pair of Chantilly Lace Boxers? LOL

You know what really ticks me off about spammers? You can't even reply to them to tell them to quit spamming you. Their emails are undeliverable. What a bunch of buttwipes! And I don't mean the cute baby kind either.

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