Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Be Careful Out There

My friend Greg posted this in his blog on Monday night and I have to agree with him. 
A new surf launched on Sunday called JustSurfed.  I want to advise my readers NOT to join this surf.  This surf has too many similarities to other programs that were run by an admin who does not play fair.  He makes money and then leaves his members with losses.  Be careful out there.
Besides the similarities that he and I discussed, there is one more. This Admin created another new name for the MMG forum. He launched the program on Sunday, stuck around for a few hours then never returned to see how it was going. Well, I've seen this before, a few times actually, which leads me to believe that it IS the same Admin that launches program after program, runs it for a few days (or weeks), then just disappears. Don't get sucked in by this one. Save your money for something worth while.

JBP-JSS: doing fantastic! A portion of their update:
1) More than 1260 new JBP Members during the last 24 hours!
2) JustBeenPaid! was in the top 800 websites worldwide according to Alexa just yesterday!
There were amazing results during the last week, particularly after we got the JSS-Tripler Feed going again -- remember, that's where you get the second half of your JBP/JSS earnings!

I started buying Triplers again on 9/22 (as soon as it was allowed) during the re-start period. Those positions have 6 more days to cycle at 2%. Then for each 4 that expire, I will receive yet another JSS Matrix. Yes, I have been buying them in lots of 4 just so I could keep better track of them.
Also spent a few more dollars today buying placements and premiums for my Spots 1 & 2 in the matrices that I have.
Hey, I'm just following what Carl said is the best way to get those to cycle. He also mentioned that if everyone did that, those Matrices would cycle smokin fast! Will let you know when I see some action.

Tripler2: should be getting another email update from Dave regarding cancelling your subscription via AP or STP to pay your monthly membership fee. Sounds like they prefer to take it out of your account earnings, whether it be from your Main Account balance or your Dream Positions Account. So if you're a member of T2, watch for his update coming soon.

Someone recently asked for my Strategy in T2. Another person asked me to share what I've done in the program thus far. Well...
- The first thing I did was Join the program.
- Knowing that I wanted to receive free Dream Matrices for myself when my Dream Positions expire, I upgraded my Membership. (You must be upgraded first in order to receive the free DM's and/or referral commissions.)
- Then I purchased quite a few DP's on opening day.
- Those DP's (cost $10 each) will pay 2% per day for 75 days.
- For each 4 that expire, I will receive a free Dream Matrix.

- When the DMatrix cycles, I will earn $40 or $60 dependent on how I have my own personal account set up.

Now, since the program is new and evolving at an incredible rate, I've been using my earnings to purchase more DP's... otherwise know as 'compounding'. By doing that, I can build my own daily income without having to spend more from out-of-pocket funds.

Of course you want to get your 'seed money' out eventually too. If you're nervous about it, get it out ASAP. If you're OK with letting it ride, then let it ride.

When I join any of these programs, I consider my money gone! Then dependent on what I hear and what I read and how my gut feels, determines how I proceed.

So as for my strategy... haven't really come up with one yet. What's the old saying... plans are made to be broken? Maybe that's why I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, with the hope that things will roll in the right direction.

Hey you never know what could happen in this business we're in. Here today, gone tomorrow. You know what I'm saying. I learned the hard way many years ago, but I learned a lot from it too.

Must admit, my luck has taken a turn for the better since then. So I'm gonna keep doin what I'm doin. No plans, no stress, play smart, don't get greedy, roll the dice and keep your eyes wide open.
Oh and the most important part, you gotta say out loud: "blondie needs a new pair of shoes". LOL

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