Saturday, November 19, 2011

Plans for Saturday

Plans? I don't need no stinkin plans. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, and for the most part, it works out well.

JBP-JSS: another delay for the Tripler Feed due to the DNS issues over the past couple of days. Give it another couple of days to settle down and then maybe we'll see some action in our JSS Matrices. In the meantime, 2% cycling continues and from where I sit, I don't see anyone holding back buying new Triplers ... including me :)

KrazyMoneyMaker: made a few dollars in it last night so I went ahead and bought another $8 spot hoping to help someone else cycle. There was a note in the forum that someone cycled 4 of their 8's last night, numbers 1176-1179. So if you're watching for yours ... there you have it.

Tripler2: everyone seems to be getting excited about the Dream Positions going on sale this coming Monday night / Tues morning. DP's will be available for purchase at 00:05 AM server time, which is EST. Now that would be 10:05 PM for me. Can I stay awake for that? Yeah I think I will. I'm as anxious as anyone else to get my money working for me.

Dang Squirrel. He's too slow. I keep feeding him but the Blue Jays keep swooping down and taking his peanuts. Now he's out there looking in my window, 'hey lady, come back!' I better go throw him another handful.

GBC: I sure use up those surfing credits fast in GBC. I surf every day and assign my credits but it seems I'm always running out. Could be that Gord and his GBC are becoming more popular and folks are surfing every day like I do.

CWC: creation of the HUB (coding) turned out to be a lot more work than the Admin had anticipated. I know he was trying to get us prepared for it quickly, but these things take time and a lot of effort. So at this point, no predictions on when it will be ready. For those who have been waiting to 'cycle' in the PSS's - you will just have to wait a bit longer. My hands are tied, and so are yours. At least the Admin is still around and working.

You gotta read Gord's Comment first, then see the youtube.
Learn to Chuck those Blue Jays Mr Squirrel !!


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

That was a hoot about the squirrel.
He's got to get himself a heavy.. a 10 pound "Bubba" squirrel to look
after his nuts.

I can picture it now. Bubba armed
with a badminton racket and when
those jays swoop in...send em' back into their perches. Swat!


Pang! Game..set and match.

High fives all around


Gord said...

oh my... that was hilarious!

Some of them 30 second flicks are
better than the TV shows lately


blondie said...

Glad you enjoyed it Gord.
Your comment definitely made me think of that one.
Couldn't find the Chipmunks high fiving or I would have posted that.
C'ya Tomorrow :)