Saturday, November 26, 2011

Be On The Lookout

There is an update coming out soon from Tripler2 regarding ... well, I call it 'stacking accounts'. I'll post it here when it arrives.
Other than that, I'm really happy with the program so far. It's doing everything it said it would do, and then some.
*OK, I'm not going to wait for the email update. I read this in the forum and was told it would go out later. So here you go: 

Hi All.

Just as a friendly heads up to everyone.

Soon we will be putting up the filters to pick up suspicious activity regarding multiple accounts.

I have received many PMs and support tickets asking if it is OK to sign up a family member or friend sharing the same household and therefor the same IP address. Obviously we like to flex and accommodate. people. But we can't allow this dispensation to be used as a loophole to garner discount for DP purchases.

The referral commissions are there for the sole purpose of encouraging promotion of the program, and to reward people for their efforts. We frown on it being used purely as a cashback system.

We do check every withdrawal manually, and we apply a 'trust score' to accounts that are clearly playing within the rules, while at the same time, apply a negative score to those that are suspicious. By this I mean, accounts that have 1 or 2 refs from the same IP, that is upgraded to collect and withdraw commissions, yet not purchasing DPs. While the referred accounts are active.

This is obviously a demonstration of what we will not allow.

It is only fair to give people an advance notice about how the filters work.

The filters will be mostly looking for accounts sponsoring accounts with similar or same IPs, Also the sponsor account being upgraded, but totally out of balance with the purchasing activity of the ref. It also looks for a single or two refs, basically it is tuned to pick up stacking that the lower levels make all the purchases, while the sponsors take the commissions and cash out.

We will do a manual review of the sponsor account, and if it is glaringly obvious that this is set up as a self sponsored cashback system, we will look at canceling that sponsor's upgrade status.

If you are sponsoring your family member, and you are clearly not a player, then you run the risk of being picked up. This is for players, there is no point registering and upgrading if you are only going to sponsor a family member and not play yourself.

It is not fair on the program or other members who play by the rules.

Hope this does not sound harsh.. We will obviously email anyone picked up and give them the chance to join in or we will have to cut their upgrade status.


Petrus said...

Hi Blondie,
I joined trippler2 with 40DP's using your referral link. Let's hope it will equal or even better it's big brother, JSS 3.

blondie said...

Hi Petrus,
That's what I'm counting on also.
Would love to have 2 programs that are stable and paying regularly.
Thanks for joining and you did Upgrade to Level 1 first, yes?
I am really looking forward to those matrices after 75 days!
Take care ;)