Thursday, November 17, 2011

JBP Coming Back Online

Shopping yesterday actually wasn't too bad. The store was not busy and they weren't playing Christmas music yet, which sometimes distracts me. I ended up "saving" more than I spent, since a lot of it was 50% off and then my extra coupon savings to boot. I did good.

--- JBP-JSS: had some problems last night where the site was down. I hear it's coming back now little by little. I got in just fine and bought a few more Tripler's but it was really slow going. So if it's still down for you, try a bit later. Also if the site is loading slow, you might want to close it and wait. Some are having trouble when buying triplers and/or withdrawing, getting confirmations but the transaction didn't take place. Hate it when we have to submit support tickets. So a little patience there is definitely needed.
Oh the their Update said this, but I'll believe it when I see it, LOL
Some great news though - the JSS-Tripler Feed is now expected to be in full operation within the next 24 hours!
PS, this is still my favorite program of the year. Even with waiting out the re-start and everything else ... nothing has helped my pocket book more than JBP and it's members. Thanks to all.

--- Tripler2: still waiting for DP's (dream positions) to be available for purchasing. I funded my account on Monday so am ready to rumble. Admin did say he'd give us 8 hours notice before he opens the doors for that.
Now don't forget, if you plan to Refer and/or purchase a good number of DP's when it opens, you DO want to be upgraded to Level 1 BEFORE buying your DP's.
If you are NOT upgraded first, the DP's you buy will NOT receive the Matrix position at the end of the 75 days (4 expired DP's = 1 Matrix) nor will you receive Referral Commission from your down line.
I know I've said all that before, but I don't want to see anyone upset if they 'forgot' to upgrade first. So it's:
-Upgrade to Level 1 
-Fund your Main Account 
-then wait for the green light.
Unless you're playing 'passive' and only plan to buy 1, 2 or 3 DP's. In that case, do not upgrade and enjoy your 2% daily earnings which will run for 75 days, earning you a nice 150% ROI.

Tripler2 Membership: while I'm thinking about it ... 
The Membership in T2 is now over 5,000. Once it reaches 10,000 it will be closed to new members. 10,000 ACTIVE Members is the goal.
Once we're totally up and running, Admin will give FREE members 2 weeks to either purchase a DP (dream position) or get Upgraded to Level 1. Those who do NOT purchase or upgrade will be removed from the program. This will be done so that new members who really want to be in and make some money will have the chance to do that. Plus it will make the "Member Count" very real, not having tons of lookie loo's or tire kickers. Sounds like a good plan.

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