Thursday, November 10, 2011

Krazy Update

KrazyMoneyMaker: as you all know, the $40 line is on hold until the member area gets fixed. Seems some of us received too much in earnings again and were asked to send in support tickets. Once Kent and Johnny go through each account, they'll set a time for the next line to open. For those who are wondering where they're at, let me give you my stats:
Last 8 cycled: 518  
- Next 8 to cycle: 1277
Last 30 cycled: 1085  
- Next 30 to cycle: 1729
Last 10 cycled: 2505  
- Next 10 to cycle: 2760
So there ya have it.

No lines open today, they are delayes until future notice.
Its a note about this in the members area.

Holly cow what a job...
Soon done with those who have cash on there accounts.

The way you can calculate this is this way..
Add all your posi. earnings + ad ref com, minus reinvest, minus withdraw = 

We need to go trugh ALL active accounts before letting the cat out!!
Its some accounts who is in Red - 

Will send out a mail when we are done!!

GBC: Ladies Night at GBC? Well I guess it's Ladies Day now. Gord pointed me to his blog post at GBC last night and it was fun watching those guys take their clothes off, LOL. You can see it too at the GBC Blog. Now to celebrate Ladies Night (or Day) he's offering a bonus for those of us who upgrade in either plan within GBC today. Sounds good to me and I'll be doing that a little later. Gotta watch those dudes in the video one more time first ;)

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