Friday, November 4, 2011


TGIF, as the working folks say!
However, when you work from home, every day seems the same. So is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'd say it's just a thing. Some days I miss getting out into the hustle bustle of it all. Other days I'm glad I can sleep in and don't have to worry about the morning rush. So it's a coin toss. Tell you what though ... $50 in Gas lasts for months instead of days!

*** JBP-JSS: nothing moving yet as far as the Tripler feed cycling the matrices. Not from where I sit anyway. All of my older Triplers have now completed and the only ones working are the ones purchased since Sept 22nd and after. Which is fine and I continue to buy them on a regular basis.
Also waiting for Level 2 Upgrade to be available and will try to get upgraded before any of my down line do. If you are NOT upgraded before your down line, you will not earn 1/2 of the $57 fee. So it's important for those of you who have referrals to be sure you're one step ahead of them. OK

*** KrazyMM: I continued buying $8 positions yesterday to help others cycle out. Haven't seen much reporting of that in the forum, but the cool thing is ... Kent will be using the $8 and the $30 lines as feeders for the higher lines that will be starting Nov 16th. Every 2 weeks to open higher lines? Sounds OK to me and he'll be updating the main page of the site and FAQ's as things are added. Oh and if you haven't cycled out yet, just sit tight. He seems to have good plans for this NOT to be a one day only type of cycler.

*** Tripler2: waiting for it to officially open as far as upgrading and buying some DP's (dream positions). What you can do right now is get registered and get some promotions out there (if that's what you do). The member count is growing good and I even received some Spam for it in my mailbox. Shame on those spammers :( 
One thing I should point out is that the Admin will not take any abuse from members. So if you're found guilty of deliberately trying to undermine the program in public, your account will be cancelled. Whoa!
With that said... be nice, play smart, don't bet the farm and accept the risks as well as the rewards. Personally I vote for the rewards.

*** CWC: Re withdrawals in CWC, currently the page is not active but Larry told me "within the next 24 hours the 50/50 rule will be withdrawn", meaning once you have $20 in your account balance, the w/d button should work for you with no more 50% rule.

*** Hey I get to babysit tonight for a little while. Olivia goes to sleep at 7:30 so am going over early to visit with her before then. But the kids have a Macbook which means I can keep myself busy after O goes down for the night. 
Later (wave)


Gord said...

Hi Judy,

Nearly another week punched.
Excellent article as always.

Specially like your ending

With that said... be nice, play smart, don't bet the farm and accept the risks as well as the rewards. Personally I vote for the rewards.


and that's how we roll online ... lol

Hey! That's a good one!... I'll have to use it.


blondie said...

Hey Gord,
Glad I could be of assistance to you. We just need to tell it like it is, which I know we both do.
So let's Roll and have a good weekend!