Sunday, November 20, 2011

JBP-JSS Tripler Feed

Whoa!!! What a surprise this morning!
Was alerted to check my JBP-JSS account by my sponsor who is up and running several hours before I am. Logged into my own account to see what all the hoopla was about, and almost fell off my chair!
Not only did I cycle 3 of my own 2x2 Matrices, but received a good amount of RC from the 2 levels of members below me who have also cycled. Talked to one of those members who has cycled 39 of his matrices so far.
Now if you have Matrices but haven't seen them moving yet ... 
Don't despair if you haven't cycled yet. Apparently it goes by member ID with Premium Placements being first. Tripler feeds will follow. Got that info from the Conference Room Mods. 
Thanks to GrumpyOlMan for sharing the above.
For the last few hours, each time I check my JSS Balance, there's a few more dollars in it. My own cycling has stopped (for now) but many below me are still going 'full speed ahead'.
So Happy Cycling Today to All Level 1 Members of JBP!
Was it worth the wait? Oh Yes it was :) 


debbie said...

I bought 4 positions in the tripler many months ago. Didnt buy more than that, as I was too freaked out by the complicated website to do much more. My positions expired and I withdrew the money,and also from the expired postions I got a few matrixx positions. But I had sponsored anyone, so figured I would never cycle. Plus Im an idiot and could never manuver the web site, and then the site was down so long so I forgot about it.

Then I read your blog post for today so I went to the site and checked my account and could believe I had $50 in it!!!!It would have just sat there forever.

Have a nice thanksgiving. This will pay for a tank of gas to go visit my parent.

blondie said...

Wow! What a great comment Debbie. I am SO happy you checked your account again to see what was happening.

Have a great visit with your family and I'm so glad that JBP could buy you a tank of gas.

All smiles, your comment made my day :)

S. Maine said...

I was so happy to see that 10 of my Matrices cycled. I requested a withdraw and left $100 to buy a few placements when some others are nearly filled. I am happy to report that I was paid to AP this AM. Will continue to buy more tripler positions as some of my older ones have expired and turned to Matrix positions.
This is such a GREAT paying program hope it will go indefinitely !
Gotta love a program that PAYS !

blondie said...

Hi There!
Whoa 10 cycled! That's awesome!
So glad to hear about that.
You are a good supporter of the program, that's for sure ;)
Yep, hope to take this one well into 2012 is my plan and Indefinitely wouldn't hurt either, LOL
Have a great week!