Monday, November 14, 2011

T2 Monday Update and more later

I'll start with this Update since you may not have received it in your email. Then I'll chat later and talk about other stuff too, K 

Tripler2 Update:
You need to upgrade & fund your account NOW! If you haven't already done so. We need to make sure that once we launch for 2% DP sales, we do not encounter problems arising from overuse of certain parts of the system. 

Although a fair few members have already seen the sense in upgrading and funding in advance. There are still a lot of members who we are still waiting for. So to avoid excessive delays in launching the DP sales, we 'may' need to split up the ability to fund accounts into categories. This will be assessed by date of joining. With first joiners being allowed to fund their account first. This is totally designed to keep the strain off the system. Those with already funded accounts will be first to be allowed to buy DPs.

So, if you want to avoid being queued, then you have the ability to do it now.

If we decide to do this, we will send out details of how it will be done. So you have this chance to get in first. It is essential to purchase on the first day if you want to own the fist free matrices in the Dream Matrix System, those first day matrices will cycle almost immediately paying a cool $60 each. We have given you plenty of notice to upgrade and fund, so don't get left in the dust.

Exciting times are ahead. We are now into final testing phase of the Dream Position 2% daily system. Once we get the green flag from the techs, this is going to explode! You don't need to be told that programs like this favor the first in line, it is true, people don't say it because they think it sounds good. It is proven time and time again.

Don't end up being 'the little boy at the end of the queue'. Go to your Dashboard right now and click 'Upgrade My Membership'... If you accidentally buy DPs without first upgrading, then you will not get a free matrix from those units, even if you upgrade 10 minutes later, it will be too late, they will be set as standard DP units.

So it is mega-important...

1... Upgrade.
2... Buy your positions.


You can log in to the T2 Forum at any time, and get more info.
Don't get left behind!
Wishing us all great future success and happiness.
The T2 Team.

Whoa! That was one heck of an update. LOL
Guess the Admin just wants to get his point across.
I know of some who don't read the sites when they join, they just join now and ask questions later.

So the important thing today is to get your membership Upgraded to Level 1 IF you plan to sponsor/refer OR you plan to purchase at least 4 Dream Positions (when available) in order to receive a Dream Matrix at the end of the 75 days.

If you are Not an upgraded member, you can still buy Dream Positions and receive 2% x 75 days on your DP's, and that's it. You will Not receive any RC nor be included in the Matrix.

I am already Upgraded to Level 1 and will soon Fund my Account so that when the Dream Position's (DP's) go on sale, I'll be ready for them. Still debating how much I'm going to play with though, which I'll decide later today.

Guess that's all for today. 
Nothing else exciting to talk about so am off to make some Burritos for dinner. Cheers!

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