Saturday, November 16, 2013

333 - What Does It Mean?

I've been waking up at 3:33 AM for the past few nights.
What does that mean? Hopefully something good :)

Gener8Profit: received my first 8% daily earning just now.
I'm going to sit on it for the moment and decide later if I should cash it out or maybe re-spend. Thanks to those of you who have joined me so far :)

LatitudePay: cashed out my daily earning and re-spent my principal for another day.

DailySharePro: surfed and saving up for my next withdraw.

Keystone: cashed out my last two days earning and taking a break for the weekend. No surf - No earn.

AdHitProfits: made another penny after surfing :(

ACX: still shaking my head at their blunder. Do you think it was intentional? Show everybody that their Panels are cycling so they spend fresh money? Well, those of you in the program have read their update. At this point, all I can do is laugh when I read their choice of words.
Forget the Roll-Back. How about another profit shift instead!
Good Grief! Enough already!!!

The Ad Click Xpress website is
Temporarily Unavailable and is Under Maintenance

The ACX Website will be unavailable temporarily while our IT Staff completes maintenance and updates for the required XpressShift procedure

We anticipate the site being down for only about 6 hours, after which the ACX System will be back running smoothly once again. We appreciate your patience while we take care of this important matter.


BioFuture: everybody is probably wondering what happened to it. The more I think about it, perhaps the writing was on the wall for the last two days.

Received my last daily earning on the 13th, but didn't cash out. On the 14th I noticed no daily earning and my active deposit had disappeared. O-oh.
Members were sending support tickets that were going unanswered. Other members had 'pending' payments for too long.
Now regardless of what the "site stats" show, I learned a long time ago not to put too much trust in those stats.

So the Admin, who I thought would close shop and walk away, surprised several members last night instead. I received a few emails and read a few forum posts that payments were being received. Well that's good news!

Even though accounts were being closed and information disappearing from the site, at least the Admin decided to do some additional payments.

I'm sure not everyone managed to get into profit or even break even, but knowing that this Admin went the extra mile to send out 'final payments' makes him OK in my book.

I do wish he would send out an update so that we are all aware of the situation. Unless he's not done yet and it's coming soon. But until then, it's still a wonder as to what really happened here.
I'm sorry if you lost :(


Henry said...

3.33 ~ It's about Truth and very Spiritual...(well...cats are spiritual)

I always look at my computer time when special things happen and it always says 11:11...

Have a look at this link...

All seems to be going well at the moment (and that's the Truth!)

X Henry

blondie said...

That's an interesting site Henry.

3 - The System
33 - of Truth

Now I won't be able to sleep tonight wondering what it really means when I keep waking up at that time.

Thanks for the link.
Might have to check it out more tomorrow.