Friday, November 22, 2013

What a Wonderful World

Had a fun morning searching for some gifts online for Christmas presents.
Looked for a globe for Olivia today. Yes, she's only 3 and a third but she's a smart one and asking a lot of questions about where other people live.
So believe it or not, found the best price over at Barnes & Noble and they even offered free shipping on orders over $25. Globes are not cheap so I was happy that I had the time to search.

Gener8Profit: still waiting for the Admin's update but I did see G8P advertised in another well visited blog/website. Hey, the more exposure, the better results is how it should work.

LatitudePay: received another payment today and re-spent again as always. Have been seeing some posts of non-payments in the forum so I hope those are just problem accounts and nothing more.

DailySharePro: finally decided to cash out since it's been quite a while since I have. Received my EgoPay pretty fast but still waiting on the STP. Will look for that in the morning.

AdHitProfits: I know the Admin Charles works really hard on this site, but I'm not sure how long I can continue surfing for a penny a day. Thinking.

ACX: believe it or not I was paid last night, about 11 PM my time. Since it had been 3 days I also earned enough in Ad Packs to request another, so I did.
PS, my advertising URL is Still Pending since Nov 17th.

Pnenow: oh it's Friday. Let's see if Pne will cycle us again.
Good Luck Everyone :)

Play it again Sam.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy under you in Pnenow have 19.80 need .20$ to get my 20.00 out hope this is the nite been reading your blog for 4-5 yrs now i lay low and in joy what you say

jay z in richmound mi

blondie said...

Hi Jay :)
Since I don't know how many spots you have in Pnenow, I DO hope you get that .20 very needed cents tonight!

Michigan, sure I remember chatting with you before. Don't be a stranger now and... Go Blue! lol

Cheers :)