Sunday, November 24, 2013


It's Sunday and I thought I had something else to do today, but I don't. So here I am as usual, lol

Gener8Profit: excellent newsletter from Jack follows and I was paid again today instantly, twice :)
Seems to me that Jack has really good plans for his program and sounds like he's got the experience to carry it though our 'slow time' as well. Thumbs Up!


Greetings members, 

I wanted to send a small update about the progression of Gener8Profit.

It's at this time I proudly announce that we have joined the highly respected blog/monitor Money News Online (MNO). You can read Paul Abramson's Review by clicking the following link 

Part of our strategy includes systematically adding key promotional outlets which, in the near future, will include Facebook, Twitter and Skype Chat. We have not failed to embrace any sources. If we are not utilizing them it's because we feel it is not yet time. We plan on being here for a long time and there is no rush. We do not want to saturate the market this early.

If anyone would like to chat with me you might find me on the Shoutbox at MNO, username G8Jack. Hope to see you all there and on the forums.

I would like to personally thank everyone that has been showing their trust and support. Please keep it coming. Remember, the greatest form of advertising is word of mouth.

Jack Tyler 

LatitudePay: I am so happy and relieved to hear from members and see some paid posts in the forum today. Although it appears not everyone is being paid, at least some are and that's a good sign.

DailySharePro: unlike yesterday, I had no problem getting to the site and doing my daily surfing.

That's all for now. Don't want to depress you talking about the other programs. (giggle)

OK I'm back. I didn't want to complain tonight but...
ACX claims to be Advertising Success At Its Best!
It is currently taking approximately less than 24 hours for URL approvals. 
And yet, my URL for Gener8Profit is still pending since Nov 17th!
That's hog wash. I just submitted a support ticket.

Go Broncos!!!


dr.capoon said...

Today you were a little late than usual. But still good to see your report before getting to bed.
Thanks (thumbs up)!

blondie said...

You know Dr.C,
I just post when I get around to it. No set time frame here and am surprised that you noticed.
Sleep Good and glad to see one of YOUR paid posts in MMG today!
Cheers :)

jay zeller said...

i did get my 20.00 out of Pnenow
on sat so thats good just dont konw what site of yours to to reinvest it ??


blondie said...

Was chatting with another friend tonight and suggested he put earnings from another program into Gener8Profit.
That's my best bet right now.
Cheers Jay :)

dr.capoon said...

Believe me, that feeling is mutual (concerning payment from Latitude), he-he.
Unfortunately, I can't see much improvement since that, so I am getting that "Gone fishing" feeling, which means ..., you know what it means. Just don't want to say it loud.

blondie said...

Yeah dr.c, I don't want to bad mouth or jinx them either while there's still hope. But as you said... might have gone fishing.
Hope you're having a good day.
I have a headache and haven't been able to talk yet :(