Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just Tuesday (cause I can't think of a clever title)

LatitudePay: great start yesterday and going strong.
I did cash out a little today and received it super fast!
Thanks Admin and members. Good times for sure :)
(those who missed yesterday's announcement post, please read before joining.)

DailySharePro: surfed, earned and cashed out. Piece of cake.

BioFuture: those who started in the higher plan on day one should be over the hump now. The lower plan is at 85.5% return as of today. Really happy to see this moving along so nicely. Oh and I was paid here today too.

Keystone: got a little nervous when the site was down earlier but it's back up now and payments are instant as always. Thanks Admin!

CyclerPassive: seemed like a fun idea when it was first announced, but since then I'm losing interest real fast. Not sure if it's because it's being overhyped by promoters, or maybe it's just me with my gut feeling telling me to stay away. Am not impressed with their email updates either. Sorry admin but you're not showing that you're very professional IMO.
- If you already signed up and decided to play, by all means Good Luck to you, and I mean that.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned (a penny since yesterday).

ACX: once again my pending withdrawals were cancelled. Wondered what the hell is going on? Checked the time of my w/d requests and hmmm, they were both on Monday server time. Now what's the problem?
Well seems they've upped the minimum withdraw request from $20 to $30 and of course mine were below $30. Geez Louise. No respect I tell you, No respect.

Later in the evening, am happy to report that I did get another w/d request to go through for just over $30 AND got paid from my pending requested yesterday.
OK, maybe this isn't so bad after all :)


Henry said...

Hi Blondie,

Things seem to be speeding up, approaching Christmas! I noticed that one young lady (Eimra Achical) has put a link to your blog on Facebook, in relation to Latitude...I hope it bears fruit for you...



blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Yes I was notified of that post earlier which included my link. Not sure why she did that other than to say "Look, blondie is promoting and she's been around here longer than I've been alive" LOL

Seriously though, that gal seems to do just fine and I've seen her around the forums quite a bit too.
Maybe she just wanted to reassure members that we were in for a fun ride.

Cheers Henry,
am just brewing up some spaghetti sauce for tonight.
Night Night

Cashhunter said...

Hi Blondie

Just saw that cyclerpassive takes 8% withdraw fee :-(
I just gonna pass this one...

You talked about compounding a few days ago. Saw it also in biofuture, is this something usefull or is it better to ignore it?

Hope you can help this rookie out ;-)
Have a nice day!!

Gr Richard

blondie said...

Hi ya Richard,
Yes, I'm happy that I didn't play in the cycler either. Reading forum posts... it seems to only be working for a few.

Compounding can be useful if it's done in the right program at the right time.

I never compound earnings until I'm in profit with a program, or might compound in the first day or two if I started with a very small spend. But normally, I prefer to just do things myself :)

Enjoy your day!

Cashhunter said...

thnx for explaining this subject.
I also rather keep my hands on the steeringwheel, so i leave it there ;-)

dr.capoon said...

I have to thank you Blondie !
As I had a privilege to share thought on "Passive" with you, I pulled out of the game before I could get hurt.
After seeing the forum discussion, I realized I owe you BIG TIME!

blondie said...

You don't owe me anything DrC.
Was just sharing thoughts and experience and... gut feelings, lol
You have yourself a great day!