Friday, November 29, 2013

Fat and Sassy

Feeling a little fat and sassy today after that nice turkey dinner yesterday. Even though I had to cook my own this time, cause the kids are out of town, it was still good. Leftovers tonight so reheating will be easy :)

LatitudePay: always feel bad when I remove a banner from my side bar but I think the Admin is just paying out what's left now as best he can. RIP Latitude and I hope no one lost too much, if any.

Gener8Profit and DailySharePro are both doing great and I've decided to cash out of both tomorrow. Will make my Saturday a little more special.

No, I'm not a Black Friday or Saturday shopper.
I'd rather NOT get trampled, thank you very much.

ACX: dang it's moving up on my side bar. That's sort of scary don't ya think? Going there now to check and surf. Any bets that my URL from Nov 17th is still not approved??
-- I'm back. Nope, it's still not approved.
The Media surf is not working either. Oh well, guess I'll try again tomorrow.

I have a few minutes to kill so thought I'd do a little surfing over at ShowBizHits. They're having a special today that I thought you might be interested in IF you surf these Traffic Exchange sites.

Just a heads up that we have 75% Credit Boost going on right now at ShowBiz hits. It will not be at 75% all day so come rack up some credits while you can:) If you do not have time to surf we are also having some awesome BlackFriday / Cyber Monday credit deals now through Monday. We rarely sale credits at these rock bottom prices so give them a look see.


Anonymous said...

Waiting now for 7 days and 5 days for ASX withdraws Blondie

blondie said...

A friend of mine got paid after 7 days yesterday so keep the faith!