Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello Hello

BioFuture: Congrats to the Winners!
Thank you to everyone who have participated in our Halloween contest. It was not an easy task deciding.
The winners were.
They have each received $25 into their processor accounts.

ACX: finally made a decision to purchase mostly Ad Packs in ACX with the XS Wallet funds in my account. It's a shame though that there is no referral commission paid from purchases made via those funds. No RC bucks for my upline but nothing we can do about that.
After surfing tonight, I should have enough to request a payment. Will keep you updated on the progress.
You have successfully requested a $27.40 withdrawal from your Ad Package Balance! This request will be sent to this Solid Trust Pay account

Snow is on it's way down the mountain so I decided to wait till tomorrow to do my grocery shopping. Should be less of a crowd there and I don't mind the snow one bit. Oh wait... my shoes have holes in them! Dang it. Someone remind me to go shoe shopping, and soon.

Just got word of a new Profit Share program coming in the next day or two. I normally don't like profit shares but the little bit that I've heard so far... I'm really anxious to hear more. Will keep you informed!!


Henry said...

What is That!!!

Whatever it is (camel, baby giraffe)'s lovely!

Thank God it doesn't know the deceptions Human Beings get up to...



blondie said...

LOL Henry,
it's a baby giraffe.
He is cute huh?
I'd take him in if he needed a good home :)