Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Afternoon

Starting from the top, as always.

Gener8Profit: made a new spend today using STP and cashed out my daily earning via Ego which was received Instantly. Doing great! Thanks Jack :) Also, the Active Member Count has more than doubled since I joined! YaY!

LatitudePay: my 2-day plan expired again today. Re-spent my principal. Cashed out my earning. Done until next time. Also doing great!

DailyShare.pro: did my surfing and saving up for a withdraw. Oh wait, we did have a 1.3% day today instead of the minimum 1%. Cool.

AdHitProfits: made my usual penny.

ACX: waiting on that pending payment that I requested yesterday.

Pnenow: did in fact cycle last night and I read that several members are now eligible to request a withdraw. But first, you need to make sure your testimonials are up-to-date. Anyway, I'm glad they cycled and hope to see some 'Paid' posts in the forums soon.

KeystoneLoansDivision: been waiting all day to see movement over at KLD. The site was down on Sunday. Came back up on Monday and some folks managed to surf and get paid. Then all pay requests started landing in "pending" instead of the usual "instant". This is not a good sign and since no one pays me to post their banners, I've removed it from my side bar. Would be nice to hear a few words from Admin about what is going on, but at this point it does not look good. :(

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