Friday, November 8, 2013

TGIF and New Profit Share Opened Today

I'll be back. Getting a little excited about something but wanted to post this first, before I forget, and it's good too!

BioFuture: new update if you haven't received it:
(lookin good :)

There is two more milestones to report - BioFuture was 2 weeks old yesterday and we have made it to $100K in Deposits! How Terrific is that?

We would like to remind you that we have added PexPay to our list of processors and you can now deposit using it.

So where do we go from here? Our priority in the first week, which we continued through last week, was to get BioFuture off the ground and that has been accomplished. There is little else that can be done in terms of "spending money to get money".  Now we must go through a fallow period.

In another week, we will start another advertising approach which will more likely involve mobilising our membership to solidify our position as a leading HYIP.  But the seeds of that campaign can be planted today.

How many of you have been receiving flawless timely payments for two weeks now? Although You would be surprised to think that if you went through the popular forums. There is only a handful of members that have been diligently showing their support for BioFuture. Those members are carrying us but there could be more than 20-25 times more of you posting. So, next time you are paid please take a few minutes of your time to let others know about it.

Let's see if we can make it to $200k before Christmas!!

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans


My apologies. The new site below has been up and down.
Looks like some jealous idiots trying to cause problems.
It should be back on stable ground before long.

The New Profit Share I've been hinting around at Just Opened!
I've only had time so far to get registered, make a deposit, then make my purchase. Clicked to Surf and it's AUTO! Nice one Admin!!
Name is: 
I'll be back with details in just a bit.


There is a FREE Membership also and it's posted on the site.
- Positions cost $5 each and run for 180 days
- Surfing is an Auto-Surf (not manual)
- Max surf is 50 pages per day
- Very experienced Admin
Here's another part I really enjoyed:
Earn a Minimum of
1% profit, Everyday!!

What we can guarantee you is that your daily incomes never reach lower than 1% per day, so this is the minimum amount you can earn daily with us. Good news is that there is no highest % amount of return so it could be 2-3 times bigger depending on BitCoin trades.
I'm going to check out the site a little more now but what I've seen so far is really slick! Good Job Admin ;)

PS... that was only ONE thing I was excited about.
Got News of another great program coming on Sunday (hopefully) so don't spend all your money in once place quite yet.
OK, I'll give you a HINT: if you enjoyed FarEastFunds, you will enjoy this new one too.
NOTE: this is NOT the same Admin as FEF.
I was merely making reference to the plans and how well it ran for as long as it ran. Cheers :)


ld randi said...

hi Blondie!
I joined DailyShare too with a minimal spend as i am quite new to this kind of program.
thanks as always for your advices!

looking forward for the new FEF-type of program!

blondie said...

Hi Randi, Thanks :)
Just remember to Surf.
TG it's Auto

I'm also looking forward to the new one.
Won't be long now.