Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just Some Chat

New Program will not be launching today, so have a fun and relaxing Sunday. Do check back tomorrow though.

DailySharePro: has started out real healthy. Been surfing and earning for 3 days now. Big Thanks to those who joined from my link :)

BioFuture: requested payment and was paid super fast!

Keystone: no surfing or earning today. Come back tomorrow.

CyclerPassive: they just added some kind of 30% repurchase rule. Not sure if I'm going to play now but will decide before too long.

AdHitProfits: surfed and earned a few daily cents.

ACX: believe it or not, received a payment from ACX today. Also managed to get another payment request in yesterday. Yes I'm happily shocked!

OK, that's the end of my chat.
Short and to the point :)
Cheers and see you tomorrow bright and early!

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