Monday, November 11, 2013

LatitudePay Open for Business

Yes, this is the one I've been waiting for!
I'm really excited to have another good program open so soon after the last one (dailyshare), which I also feel was worth our attention.

So here is LatitudePay

As you can see the plans are good, registration was easy and I'm looking forward to a profitable run here.

Lots of pay processors to choose from: Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, Ego Pay, Bitcoin, OK Pay and Pex Pay.

Note: when making your Deposit, be sure to choose your Plan at the same time.

Those who are familiar with hyip's should know how to 'play to win' without stepping on Admin's or other members toes.
My suggestion: spend in the 1 or 2 day plan.
Keep your spends reasonable and please don't try to HaR.
Re-spend your principal from account balance, cash out earnings only, show your support in forums, monitors or facebook etc. and take it easy on the compounding. I think we'd all like to see everyone earn some bucks here, not just a few who get greedy.
Back in a minute. Have to wash dishes :)

DailySharePro: requested and received my first payout from DSP today. WooHoo! Thanks Admin and members.

BioFuture: stats are good but will wait till tomorrow to cash out.

Keystone: it's Monday. Don't forget to surf. Earnings come tonight.
AND Keystone is 50 Days Online Today! Whoop Whoop!
Great Job Admin!!

ACX: if you were lucky enough to get a withdrawal request in over the weekend, be prepared for it's cancellation.
Looks like we cannot request on Sat or Sunday anymore.
So even though mine was cancelled today, they did return funds to my Ad Pack Balance where I was able to request it again with no problem.


Henry said...

Well, as you know, I'm 'in' on this one ~ I like the short-term nature in these worried HYIP times and I also like the site and it's layout...with no spelling mistakes (call me a snob, but I don't like sites that don't put their copy through a spellchecker)

Thanks for the tip!


blondie said...

Yes thanks for joining Henry.

I was just thinking about that myself after reading an update from Cycler Passive. Not impressed at all.

Anyway I do have a good feeling about the Latitude. Should be a lot of fun and of course, profitable.

Good Luck and Cheers :)

ld randi said...

I was waiting for this one and I am obviously in!
Thanks for your advices Blondie! :-)

blondie said...

Happy to see you here Randi!
Good Luck and Yes, should be fun :)
Later (wave)

Randy V said... any of these programs..especially the new one..take PayPal. I have money there but not in the others.

Just wondering!!!!

blondie said...

No, they sure don't Randy.
Let me email you. Maybe we can figure something out ;)

Cashhunter said...

site looks very nice. Hope it makes a long run. In this kind of short terms HYIP when do you stop re-investing, or do you keep on re-investing and collecting your earnings till the end?

blondie said...

Keep re-investing.
Let's say you put $100 in the 2 day plan. After 2 days you'll have $108.00. Re-spend the $100 (from your account balance) and cash out the $8.00
Rinse and repeat.