Saturday, November 23, 2013

Freezing Week and Weekend

Been really cold here the last few days.
It's just above freezing right now but goes down to the teens overnight. Woke up the other morning to 17F. Now that's cold for November.

Gener8Profit: doing just great and about to do my daily cash out.
- Done and received payment instantly again. Thanks Jack!

LatitudePay: still not sure what's happening with it. Am seeing a payment proof here and there yet others are complaining of not being paid. Waiting.

DailySharePro: site's been down today but it just came back. Cool, off to do my surfing and yes, I did receive the payment I requested yesterday.
- Finished surfing and received 1% for today.

AdHitProfits: nothing new.

ACX: nothing new there either. Same ole same ole.

Pnenow: extremely disappointed to see the program "on hold" for almost three weeks again! Why would the Admin think new members will join and put funds in while it's not paying anything? Just amazes me how some Admin's think. (yes, I'm angry)

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