Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's That Time Again

Those in the U.S., don't forget to change your clocks if you haven't already. It's time to fall back (or get back) to where we should be. Personally I never did care for the DST adjustments. It always messes with me :-/

BioFuture: paying like clockwork (hehe) for 10 straight days.
Excellent job Admin.

Keystone: taking the weekend off from surfing but will crank it up again tomorrow.

Pnenow: chillin for the weekend there too.

AdHitProfits: did my daily surfing and earned 1 cent since this time yesterday. (sigh)

ACX: oh I dunno. Still haven't decided what to do with the money in my 'wallet'. It's almost like damned if you do and damned if you don't. Last time I spent it all on new ad packs, they wiped out 90% of it with a Restart. Sure wish I had a crystal ball to see if a Restart Three was already planned. (not funny)


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

Was finally paid a withdraw to STP after they cancelled my last 2,
have to buy with what you have in wallet as you cannot get it out.
BTW was for $60, just put in another one today see how it goes


blondie said...

Congrats Russ, that is good news!

Guess I just need to 'bite the bullet' and spend again and hope that it doesn't evaporate in another restart.

I'm just hesitant, ya know.
Thanks for the news though :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy

Just so you know, its not only the US who changes the time back. We do it in Canada too. I'm not crazy about it either. Its dark at 5 PM now, and soon, it goes as low as 4PM. yuck.....I hate winter. I need sunshine. Think I should seriously think about living in Florida. At least for the winter months. You guys won't let me stay there for longer than 6 months, otherwise I'd probably move there for good! LOL Have a great day, Judy!

Tree (Terri)

blondie said...

I know Tree, but the U.S. is like 2 weeks behind everyone else. Is it not?

5:00 PM here now and our sun just set.

Florida... "you guys?"
You having another blonde moment Tree? I live in Colorado.

Luv Ya! lol

Henry said...

Great Vid Judy...I rememeber when I first saw Get Back sung from the top of the Apple building...seems just a few days ago...

Thanks for the tip about really (fingers crossed) seems to be coming right.

You've got an ace nose for sniffing out the good programmes.

Olivia looked really fine as pirate 'Jake' - be sure to tell her.

My little cat 'Littley' is still with my ex-wife, I see him (the little boy) later next week - i've seeded a new lawn for him...

Life goes on and we pass through.



Anonymous said... blonde moment this time. I meant you Americans. I know you live in Colorado. If Colorado had Florida weather, I might just come live near you. LOL
Always a pleasure chatting with you Judy. Take care and luv ya too!


blondie said...

Henry, almost posted the roof top one. Wish I had now :)
Glad you're enjoying Bio. Me too.
Olivia was sure proud to be wearing that outfit. I'll tell her.
Bet you're anxious for Littley to come home. I don't blame ya. I'd be lost without my kittens.
Yep, life goes on :)

Tree, I think Colorado has just as many sunny days as FL, or close. But we do have snow too. Actually, sometimes it's sunny while it's snowing. You'd like it.

Oh and for the time change... can't believe Canada would follow the U.S. in anything, hehe

Cheers to you both!