Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Coach

Want to start today with sending a big Happy Birthday to my good friend Randy V who often comments here in my blog. Randy and I have been online friends a really long time and I certainly couldn't miss his special day. Now Randy, you know I've been waiting patiently to finally post this song for you. About flippin time you made it!! hehe
Happy Birthday Hugs and Many More!!

Just got home from grocery shopping (yuck) so off to do my daily stuff now and will catch up in a bit.
Yes I know about Pnenow but I need to calm down a bit before writing. I try hard not to cuss here in my blog unless it's really necessary.

- BioFuture: requested another pay day and I'll bet ya I get it fast. *A few minutes later... Paid! Thanks Admin :)
PS, I'm in the lower 4.5% daily plan AND as of today, we are now over the half way hump to BEP if you joined on day one.

- Keystone: received 2 instant payments just now. Excellent.

- No Word on the new Profit Share today but I'll be sure to see what I can find out tomorrow.

OK, I couldn't calm down. I'm pretty upset and need to vent.
Pnenow: what a messed up update.
Again we're on hold for two damn weeks!
This Admin needs to realize things have changed and players are a lot smarter now than they used to be. You can't pull the same crap on members today that you did 3, 5 or 10 years ago. That ain't gonna fly.

Chung, if you're reading this. I tried hard to explain to you what you could be doing at this point. I also know of several members sending in support emails with good suggestions for growth and sustainability. But you just won't listen, will you? Don't you realize the harm you're causing to your program?
When I joined here, you said you respected my opinion and my knowledge. Yet, you won't listen to or consider a damn thing I say. Not to mention many other members with a lot of experience in what works and what won't work.
Now, get off your high horse and get this program moving. If people are earning and being paid, they'll start promoting again. But they sure as hell ain't gonna promote something that's dead in the water.
Over and Out
That's my last post about Pnenow unless some major changes are made.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Judy! That made my day. I had a strong feeling that you wouldn't let me slip by without that and I am really glad you posted it. I have been thinking about that song for a while and yes...I have finally made the big 64. I am planning on that being one of my best years.

I appreciate you thinking of me and I appreciate your friendship.

Thanks so much.


blondie said...

Hey Randy :)
Well I had to double check but I just knew this was YOUR YEAR!

Hope you're having a wonderful Birthday and don't eat too much cake. (good thing I'm not there, you'd have to fight me for the end pieces with all the frosting)

Happy Happy Birthday and Many More!

Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to say hello. Im thinking of dipping my toes back into the fun now life has settled.

Chung ... now theres a name I havent heard in a while....

I am glad to see you are still going strong.

Keep smiling :-)


blondie said...

Missi Missi Missi!!
How you been girl?
Believe it or not, thought about you in June. I recall your Birthday being the same time frame as Gord's and JS's (rest his soul).

Chung, I won't say more, LOL

Yeah I'm still here. Don't have many options these days. Drop me an email sometime and we can chat more.

GREAT to hear from you and I would LOVE to see you in action again!