Friday, November 1, 2013

Ten Down... Two To Go

Months for the year that is.
I don't know about you, but I've had better years.
At least I have "Jake" the pirate to keep me smiling.
Well, that's what Olivia wanted to be this year.. a boy pirate.

OK, how you all doin?

I am very pleased to announce that I received payment from three different programs today:
BioFuture, Keystone and Pnenow. Whoop Whoop!

Also BioFuture is having a little contest in the MMG forum where you could win $25 bucks. Here's the notice that came yesterday so if you want to try your luck in the contest, you have about another 24 hours:

What a jubilant first week we've all had! BioFuture is very clearly moving into a class of it's own, our collaboration is bearing fruit.

We are quickly forging ahead in our quest to serve you all better and have now added PexPay to our list of payment processors. We trust this extra option will please all of you. Diversity is key.

We've just seen some great Halloween posts on the MMG forum from members and decided to start a little competition. For the next 48 hours all members may post their payment proof on MMG with a Halloween theme. Three members will each win $25 for the best post as decided by us.

Happy Halloween!

To a Brighter Future!
Bruce Evans BioFuture Admin


Feeling a little distraught about AdClickXpress and their double whammy restarts this month.
- Restart 1 - they moved all the funds (that I had been trying to withdraw) to wallet so all I could do is re-spend.
- I did re-spend and had a new handful of ad packs and media packs running trying to build up a balance again.
- Restart 2 - 90% of my new ad/media packs that I just bought disappear (will be panels eventually).
- The funds I had been earning from the NEW packs moved to wallet again where all I can do is re-spend... again.
Just one big ugly circle, isn't it?

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