Sunday, November 17, 2013


Gener8Profit: member count when I joined 2 days ago:
"220 members so far with 102 of them active."
Today there are:
282 members and 153 active.
That's a nice size jump in less than 48 hours.
So I decided to cash out my first days earnings which were paid Instantly! Nice Job Admin! Thanks :)

LatitudePay: cashed out my daily and re-spent my principal.
Also received this update:
Hello LatitudePay investors,
We are pleased to announce that now more than 1 000 members have joined Latitude Pay. We are happy with those positive results and thank all members for their trust.

Thanks Alan. That's good news too.

DailySharePro: did my daily surfing and earned 1% today.

Keystone: sites been blank for hours. Hope it's not a major problem.

ACX: not sure I can even talk about them today. 
I'm trying to have a nice day and I'm afraid mentioning them will just ruin it. It's just one big ugly circle there... playing with play money forever! So unless you're a member I'm sure it's of no interest to you anyway.

Here's a funny song from the 60's that I hope you don't find offensive. Just reminded me of ACX for some reason. Maybe the Monopoly part or maybe that it's just not very interesting anymore, lol

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